Saturday, September 12, 2009

.......dubbed the Dean Martin of the 21st century.

Hey pallies, likes from the Lancaster and Morecambe Citizen blogg comes this Q&A from Dinoemulater Mark Adams, who has been "dubbed the Dean Martin of the 21st century." Recently posted 'bout Mr. Adam's Dinotrib...but loves readin' how truly devoted to our Dino this Mark pallie is.

Mark proclaims....“I love everything that Dean Martin was."...and boasts 'bout how "these days he is his number one fan." This is one Dinodude who is lovin' becomin' like our Dino and certainly not for the bread. Hopes all you pallies will take the time to learn 'more 'bout Mr. Mark Adams and his extreme Dinodevotion!

To read this in it's original format, just clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram. How I wish I could go 'cross the see to see Mr. Adams portray our Dino!!!! Dinowishin', DMP

Interview: Mark Adams of That’s Amore
12:50pm Friday 11th September 2009

AFTER four years in the West End, That’s Amore, celebrating the career of famous Rat Packer Dean Martin, is touring the UK. We spoke to Mark Adams, dubbed the Dean Martin of the 21st century.

FOR a couple of hours on stage every night Mark Adams gets to play at being one of the most charismatic singers in history.

And Mark's performance is so much more than an impersonation of Dean Martin; he presents a faithful depiction of the charismatic showman, from his trademark glass of Jack Daniels, through to his suave way with the ladies.

The sheer excitement of seeing this legendary performer is recreated in this fully staged show which aims to melt women’s hearts just as it did first time around.

“Dean Martin is my alter ego. I feel bulletproof when I’m being him. I get such a buzz when I’m on that stage,” says Mark of That’s Amore — based on Dean’s successful variety TV show that ran for more than 10 years.

“I don’t know if I’d have got such a buzz if I’d have tried to have a career just being me.”

He went on: “I’m only doing what he did and hiding behind a character when I’m on stage. He created this role, that was charming and boyish and funny all in one. He was only that person on stage and so am I.”

So has Dean’s way with the ladies rubbed off on Mark?

“I don’t know what to say. Only the ones from Lancashire,” said the smooth talker with a smile in his voice.

Mark Adams, who has been described as the definitive Dean Martin, is accompanied by the gorgeous Golddiggers, recreating the sounds of a time when men wore smoking jackets and opened doors for the girls.

Mark, revealed he’d never really heard of Dean Martin before he was asked to play him yet these days he is his number one fan.

“I love everything that Dean Martin was. His variety show brought something to television in America that we haven’t ever really had here. Variety but with huge name star guests. We got close with Morcambe and Wise, but there is nothing like that now,” he said.

Mark originally trained as a PE and drama teacher and played semi professional football as well as coaching before becoming an actor, since which time he has worked extensively in television, theatre and film.

He has just completed a new BBC drama called The Things I Should Have Told You and trained as an FA football coach but by his own admission he is happiest in his work when he is being Dean.

Mark said: “I enjoyed being a teacher but I was never going to be an award winner. It wasn’t where my heart was. Doing That’s Amore makes me so happy.”

Mark starred as Dean Martin in the Olivier nominated show, The Rat Pack — Live From Las Vegas which led to him travelling the world as Dean in a variety of shows including in a version of That’s Amore at the StarLight Roof of the Waldorf Astoria, New York, a career highlight.

The innovative production, coming to Manchester’s Palace Theatre on Thursday features some very special guests including portrayals of Nat King Cole, Shirley Maclaine, Peggy Lee and Petula Clark all complemented by a large on stage orchestra.

l THAT’S AMORE — Manchester Palace Theatre, September 17. Tickets on 0870 401 3000.


Cole said...

Hey's Cole Darrell Cole in Orlando, FL. Tried to reach you but did not have any contact info on you. I understand that you are working with a Nat King Cole, don't want to step on toes, but if you know of any companies that need one please keep me posted. Stay close paly!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, man no contact info 'cause at ilovedinomartin it is always and only 'bout our loves to emulate our Dino in livin' life, but not one of the scores 'em who does it for sorry, but have no connections to the entertainment world...wishin' you the best pallie and thanks for droppin'
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