Thursday, February 25, 2010

...and a private recording Dean Martin made for Jerry Lewis’s birthday, circa 1953.

Hey pallies, remember the Dino-gram from a few ago 'bout the first ever release to the general public of a '53 recordin' our Dino did just for the jer's birthday? It's called "You Skinny Hebrew" and can now be downloaded at itunes.

Anyway that announcement musta prompted this dude tagged Jeff Wayne to tell us his Dino-tale. From a pad tagged "Boomer Cafe" comes this wonderful story of how the Jer's boypallie, Scott, gave Mr. Wayne a rare 78 featurin' "You Skinny Hebrew."

Cool to read this Dino-story and learn what some of the lyrics to the B-day trib are. Sounds just likes our Dino. Woulda so loves to get an original copy of this for my Dino-collection. So grateful to Mr. Jeff Wayne for sharin' this cooler then cool story....he's certainly one lucky Dino-dude! To read this in it's original context, just click on the tagg of this Dino-gram. btw, if you goes to the original post and click on the Jeff Wayne link you will goes to his cooler then cool pad. Dino-desirin', DMP

Remembering Martin and Lewis

February 25, 2010 |

We got an email at BoomerCafĂ© from an independent producer in Hollywood, a baby boomer named Jack Walters. Jack is restoring and digitally remastering old TV shows on which we boomers grew up – Remember the 70s. But what got our attention was a story he told us about a friend, another boomer named Jeff Wayne, who is putting a song on iTunes that has never been publicly released. It’s from the era of Martin & Lewis. In fact it’s written by Dean Martin for Jerry Lewis! We asked Jeff to give us the background.

Jeff Wayne
I am a show business junkie and a “Baby Boomer.” I not only make my living in show business, but I collect show business memorabilia from the good old days. Autographs, pictures, letters, books, magazines, props. Through the years I have managed to acquire some very odd items, which makes sense since I am a odd person.

In my memorabilia collection you will find Oscar Wilde’s calling card from one of his visits to the United States. It is framed and hangs in my den. And a 3-D, electronic photograph of Lou Costello (a hologram). It is so lifelike, I feel like I’m looking right in his eyes! Who’s on first? You Lou, always. Bing Crosby’s ice cream containers and Bing Crosby’s record cleaners. I guess you can use them on CDs. I don’t know, I don’t have any.

And, there’s a privately-published magazine written and published by Lenny Bruce. This was given to me by his mother and autographed to me. By Sally Marr! She was more of a character than Lenny, and while she had a dirty mouth, she didn’t do drugs.

Dean Martin (L) with Jerry Lewis
I have some of Dean Martin’s home movies, some of Al Jolson’s home movies, and a private recording Dean Martin made for Jerry Lewis’s birthday, circa 1953. Scott Lewis, son of Jerry, became a friend of mine. Strangely, I knew his father before I knew him. Scott is a real classy guy, and knowing my love of his father and show business, he presented me with a rare gift one day long, long ago. It is a 78 RPM record which was recorded by Dean as a birthday present for Jerry. I believe Scott said this was around 1953.

Dean was recording for Capital records at that time, so he probably recorded it there.

It has special lyrics and is recorded with a full orchestra (Nelson Riddle), with a good arrangement considering this is a one-shot joke. The song is sung in the manner of the day, in typical Dino style. The joke is that he was happy and content being a blackjack dealer in Steubenville, Ohio (his hometown) and since teaming with Jerry his life is hell!

Work, work, work, and bills, bills, bills, and income taxes too! In the manner of a Friars’ Club roast, there is some joshing by insults, i.e. the chorus, “You rat face, you bastard, you Jew!” In these politically-correct times I am sure many will find this offensive, without considering that it was a personal recording only intended for Jerry, and it was a common humor shared by those “insiders.”

Another member of the Rat Pack even sings for Le Roi du Crazy, which is what they call Jerry Lewis in France, where he is regarded a genius and total filmmaker! “The King of Crazy.” Has the Rat Pack ever been more popular than now? That is because we have no stars! Frank, Sammy, Dean! Retro is in!

Happy Birthday Jerry! March 16, 2010.


Maria Jensen said...

It's brilliant! i'v had it for a long time now, though :p

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, cool....have you ever thought of doin' a Dinotrib usin' that song as a Dino-background...thinks it woulda be truly Dino-unique....

Maria Jensen said...

You are reading my mind! I'v been working on such tribute for a couple of days already :D

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes how cool is that....that unique Dino-tune is no-where on youtube yet (as of a day or two ago)...can'ts wait to see your Dino-efforts...sures I will wanna post it here at ilovedinomartin....if that is Dino-o-k with you....

Maria Jensen said...

I would be just glad if u do that :)

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, can't wait....while I publish Dino-news from all sorts of Dino-pad, I hardly ever chose one of your Dino-posts only for one cool reason....if I published all the amazin' stuff that you post, I woulda never gets 'round to the other Dino-places...and I figure that true Dino-devottees are flockin' to your Dino-pad all the time....