Tuesday, July 06, 2021

I’m not even sure how to explain my love of Dean Martin.

 Hey pallies, likes we here at ilovedinomartin largely loves to go back into the Dino-files here at our humble little Dino-conclave to once 'gain share powerfully potent posts fully filled with the deepest of deep Dino-devotion as we truly truly find them so so extraordinarily engagin'  and likes so so extremely encouragin' to other Dino-philes likes us.

So, likes this very Dino-day we truly felt Dino-inspired to goes back to March 8 in the year of our Dino 2017 posted just a day before that, March 7, at the blog tagged "JUSTSTORIESINTHEENDBLOG"  where Miss Chelsea O'Connell holds forth. Likes we won't repeat our Dino-patter focusin' in MissO'Connell's absolute adulation of our most most beloved Dino 'cause all youse Dino-holics can inspirationally imbibe it at your Dino-leisure.  We have made one little Dino-change to our original post right below these Dino-thoughts....it's an update of  that greatest of great gif of Jerry givin' our Dino a kiss on the cheek as taken from the greatest of great Dino & Jerry big screen epic, "The Caddy."

Likes we never ever grows tired of seein' Mr. Lewis show his awesome affection for his comedic partner and we thought reprintin' this particular post was absolutely appropriate in this month when we reverently remember both the beginnin' and endin' of Martin & Lewis.  Once 'gain we sez our thank you very Dino-much to youthful blogger Miss Chelsea O'Connell for so so openly and affirmatively proudly professin' here deepest of deep devotion to our most most beloved Dino.  To check out our original postin' of these delightful Dino-devotion, simply clicks on right HERE.

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Hey pallies, likes ilovedinomartin loves to feature every type and stripe of Dino-devotion found on the ol' 'net, but faithful readers of this blog know that our most fav of fav Dino-sharin's are the coolest of cool combo of Dino-adulation accentin' the terrific tons of today's youth bein' drawn into the Dino-fold as well as the incredibly international nature of devoted  Dino-adulation.

Likes, once 'gain this very Dino-day we gets to shares with you yet 'nother touchin' 'n tender testimonal of awesome amore of our Dino from the blog tagged "JUSTSTORIESINTHEENDBLOG," where Miss Chelsea O'Connell holds forth.  Miss Chelsea describes herself as  "A 20 something nerd just trying to find her way in life and figure everything out."   By lookin' at the image of Miss O'Connell standin' outside a "Police Public Call Box," we woulda venture a guess that she hails somewhere from the British Isles.  Sorry that we couldn't get a better copy of her pix, but you can see a clear version  HERE.

Miss Chelsea's potent post, "Musical March: Everybody loves somebody," is a marvelous mixture of powerful prose and great gif pixs 'long with a youtube vid of our most beloved Dino croonin'   "Volare"  and  "An Evening in Roma."  We loves readin' how she came to first know our Dino and how she has grown through the years in her Dino-delight....just the sort of wonderfully wise words that always always warms our Dino-hearts.

We solemnly salutes Miss Chelsea O'Connell and thank her ever so much for proudly proclaimin' "my love of Dean Martin.  We are sure her efforts will bring many more of today's youth into knowin', lovin' and honorin' our one and only Dino.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

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Musical March: Everybody loves somebody

I mentioned last post that the music of the sixties was pretty great. Well I really meant that it’s kind of my favorite decade music wise and a little know secret of mine is my love for this man.

I’m not even sure how to explain my love of Dean Martin. I guess it kind of started with my mom’s love of Frank Sinatra and the amount of my childhood that was spent begrudgingly listening to him. (If it was her intention to brainwash me into liking him as well it worked, because I love him as well.) Then when she got this live album of the Rat Pack and I heard Dean the first time, I guess I was just so intrigued I got hooked.
I may have started this off talking about the sixties, but Dino’s been big since the 40’s and stayed on his smokey high until the very end. Yet, when one thinks of him they think most likely think of the late 50’s to early 60’s.
So compared to other crooners and more specifically the other members of the Rat Pack, why Dean? Is it because of his roguish good looks, his charismatic stage presence or his hilarious antics? Yes, yes it is all of that. Yet it may be more so that he is Italian. Now you say, but so was Frank. Yes but Dean sang in Italian! (As I’m just now aware because I looked it up to make sure I wasn’t lying, Frank has sang songs with Italian in them, but they are no where near as popular as Dean’s songs)
Dean Martin was the first experience I’d had with bilingual music. I’d heard some older songs that had Spanish (namely La Bamba and Feliz Navidad) but they were just in Spanish and honestly I to this day have no idea what La Bamba is actually about. But what Dean did was mix Italian with English so that you had that exotic flare but still knew what the song was about. Honestly I believe that it may have contributed to my love of languages and my desire to learn as many as I possibly can before I kick the bucket.
One of my other favorite things about Dean is his relationship with the rest of the Rat Pack. It kind of reminds me of my relationship with my two best friends in which I’m definitely the Dean of the group. (Which is ironic because I’m the only one who doesn’t drink (Can one really be a sober Dean Martin) he’s the funny one, the one that always tries to make you laugh and feel better. ( I honestly can’t tell you who’s who with the other two but I’m sure it works out some way)
I love this smooth voiced, drunken Italian man for all of this and much more. To continue would take a lifetime and I only have a month. But whenever I’m feeling blue, Dean Martin will always be there to put a smile on my face.
Á bientôt 


Danny G. said...

Wow! That is TRUE Dino-passion! Chelsea really gets what it means to be a TRUE disciple of Dino & it honestly makes me proud to see the Dino-movement continues to grow with the newer generations. Great read, pal!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, all us Dino-holics are always fabulously filled with Dino-pride when we hear, read, or see in person how, as you sez, "the Dino-moment continues to grow with the newer generations." Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!