Monday, December 16, 2019

Send Some Dino-seasonal Greetin's

Hey pallies, likes on this 16th Day of Dino-winter month, ilovedinomartin once 'gain  shares with youse some delightin'ly delightful  Dino-seasonal ecard possibilities courtesy of the pallies at German Dino-devotional site.  Likes  gotta 'fess up that  this Dino-professin' pad is no longer up, but we are greatly glad that we can still share these Dino-revelatory imges with all youse Dino-philes.

Likes we've have sweetly shared these coolest of cool Dino-seasonal graphics  for a number of years now,and we are thrilled to share it once 'gain with Dino-professors  to use 'em for all your Dino-seasonal greetin's throughout this most marvelous month  of Dino-devotion.  Likes even though we  can't get the e-cards to work, Dino-holics likes us canna copy the Dino-graphics shared here to create your own great great Dino-greetin's.

ilovedinomartin thanks the dudes at for creatin' these and many other Dino-decorative images for other seasons as well.  Likes sendin' Dino-wintery wishes in this Dino-season can goes a long way in bringin' other pallies into the Dino-fold.   Keeps lovin', keeps sharin' our most beloved Dino!

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

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