Sunday, December 22, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Silver Bells"

Welcome back, ol' pals o mine!

Well...we made it, my friends.

It's OFICIALLY Winter 2019!

Man...just cants believe nother' Christmas is just 'bout here, as well.
Seems so far away, then all of a sudden, it is.

No matter how much you prepare for it...still seems to catch you off guard.
Get's me every time!

That's OK,
We got this!

'Nother important day is comin' up, also.

Dino-Departure Day.

It crept up too, pals.

'Nother year since we lost our main dude, Dino. 
That's a tough one to say, pals.
Truly hurts me.

But...what makes thins' a little bit easier on my bein' part of this GREAT GREAT blog...'specially today.

Gives me a chance to share a little piece of myself & my thoughts 'bout this fella, Dean Martin.
Dino Paul Crocetti.
What he's meant to me throughout my life.

Today...although we is reminded 'bout what we've  lost...we also think 'bout what we still have!
Life is GOOD!
Dino keeps it that way!
Enjoy it!

We will spread good will to others & share positive thoughts.
Let's not sulk & be blue.
Let's celebrate!
Let's 'member all the good stuff that made Dino...Dino! 
Fun...Happy...Foolish...& OH SO SO VERY Cool!

To be thought 'bout...every once in awhile...Swoonin' & Croonin'...makin' people smile! Yup...THAT'S how I'm guessin' he would dig thins' the most! 

What a great great time of year to REALLY get in touch with your inner Dino, too, my friends!
Just soak in his vibe & spread it all 'round!

I'm so so thrilled be able to play one of the ab so lute BESTEST of the BEST Christmassy tunes... by the ab so lute BESTEST of the BEST Christmas crooners!

The song I've chosen, for this VERY special  Sunday Serenade is "Silver Bells".

To me, it seems to capture the "Christmassy" essence, the most.

"City sidewalks, busy sidewalks...dressed in holiday style. In the air there's a feelin' of Christmas".

Yup...this jam REALLY sums up this VERY special time of year. So, mi amici...let's celebrate.

Let's be merry & have a drink for Dino!

He was the very best...& will NEVER fade away.

Here's to you, pallie...Salute!


BlueisCoool said...

It is almost here, only a few days away till Christmas and the end of the year. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, it is crazy. There has been so much to be thankful for and of course we have Danny G. to ring in every single Sunday of the year. As you have also mentioned the king of king's, Dean Martin's last day on earth was Christmas as well, it is very fitting all in all. A wonderful post to ring in such an important day and milestone!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


Danny G. said...

Hey there Scotty my pal! Hope thins' down South are treatin' you right! Yes...Christmas...AKA...Dino-Departure just 'bout here. 2019 is almost over, & it's nearly time to ring in a new year! I'm sure it will be great! Cants wait to see what Dino has in store for us next! Haha!! Have a VERY Merry Christmas, pals!

Always On Watch said...

The best version ever of "Silver Bells"!

Merry Christmas to all here, the best Dino site on the web.