Sunday, December 08, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

Welcome back, pals!

How's it swingin'?

I mean your Dino-Winter Month, of course!

Hope youse is absorbin' as much of Dean's Christmassy croonin' as humanly possible, pallies.

We only gots 17 more days 'til it's all over!

These December days REALLY seem to shoot by! Waaaaaaa!!!

Gonna miss all these holiday Dino-tunes!!! Waaaaaa!!!

What's a Dino-Winter Month-aholic to do, pallies?! Waaaaa!!!

Hey....wait just a croonin' Dino-minute, (sniff sniff)!!!

I ALMOST forgot (sniff sniff)!!!

The only thin' that Month simply transitions into Dino-Winter SEASON!!!


Our fearless leader, DMP,  has been callin' it this all along!

Feelin' MUCH better now, mi amici!

Dean's wintery tunes will keep us on ice 'til the first signs of Spring!
What a guy!
He'd NEVER abandon us right smack in the middle of this chilly, snowy season!

Actually, as my "dear" old Uncle reminded me...Winter hasn't even officially started yet!

We still gots PLENTY of time for these type o' tunes! 

Oh...& before I forget! I was watchin' a new flick, starin' & directed by Mr. Clint Eastwood, the other night. And guess who had not one...but TWO jams in the flick?! Yup! Mr. Dean Martin. Of course. Looks like ol' Clint is a BIG fan of our numero uno pal. The name of the movie is "The Mule". I won't tell youse what tunes or any more 'bout it. But definitely checks it out for yourselves, pals. It's actually a very funny scene where they place Dino's jams! Haha!!

Anyways, pallies...speakin' 'bout my dear ol' Uncle...he REALLY had me thinkin' back to my younger days.
We were laughin' 'bout all the crazy thins' that have happened over the years.

Reminisced 'bout all the peeps that have come & gone.

REALLY gots me longin' for those olden times & Christmases gone by.

Man, mi amici...what I wouldn't give to be back there, now...just for a bit.

Hang with my Dad...give my Nanna a BIG foolish with my friends.
Just be young & free of worry, once 'gain.

I guess we ALL wouldn't mind that huh, pals?

Well...guess what, my friends?!
Deans gonna help us do just that!

Today's Serenade, "I'll Be Home for Christmas", is that ONE special song that REALLY takes me back there.

Takes me back to those WONDERFUL days!

In a melancholy way, for sure.

I'm hopin' that it will bring ALL youse, pals o' mine, some GREAT GREAT memories of this GREAT GREAT season, as well!

Soak it in, mi amici.



dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, the seasons of Dino may change, but our most beloved Dino has, is, and will always be there for us...continually welcomin' us into his wonderful world. The croons may change, but Dino-happiness will always be our to eagerly embrace Dino-day in and Dino-day out. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!

BlueisCoool said...

Nothing says holidays better than Dean Martin and of course this classic song seems just perfect to ringing in all the happy times. The weeks seem to be flying by and it won't be much longer before Christmas arrives. Even with all the stress and worries this holiday season there is nothing better to do then sit back and let Dean wash away those troubles. A great selection as always Danny G.!

Have a nice week.


dgermano11 said...

DMP...thou speaketh words of Dino-truth, my friend. Dino ALWAYS will be our shinin', guidin' light!
Glad youse is in the Dino-spirit, Scotty my man! Dean has a calmin' way 'bout him....don't he? Helps us to stay cool cool durin' this swingin' time o' year!