Sunday, November 18, 2018

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Go Go Go Go"

Hello, Ol' friends o' mine! 

How's thins'?

 How's the weather? 

How youse feelin'? 

Did I cover all bases here, pals! 

Just wanna make sure we ALL doin' OK & gettin' ready for our day of givin' Dino-thanks! 

It's comin' up quick, pallies! 

Just a few more days! 

Time to ponder our lives...count our blessins'...& thanks those responsible.

 I know a few special peeps...who have helped me 'long the way. 

Some are gone...some still here. 
Whoever...Whatever...gets us through the trials & tribulations of life. 
And those who make the good times EXTRA good! 

They ALL deserve a thanks. 

Yes, pals...this includes your family, your friends...your dog & your goldfish!

All & Any! 

Now, pals...I just so happens to have two VERY important fellas in mind today. 
Two GREAT GREAT guys. 

They actually go hand & hand in my life.

 First is my Dad. 
Second is Dino. 

One introduced me to the other...& now one keeps the others memory alive. 

A day doesn't pass without them , both, in mind. 

My true "rocks". 

Can always count on them for a smile & positive word.

 These kinda SPECIAL souls will NEVER leave us, mi amici! 
They are in us forever!

 Keep them in mind this week...more than ever! 

Now, pallies...Have youse seen the new Nordstrom holiday commercial?!

 Man o man...youse won't believe it!

 I'm gonna give youse ONE guess...whose tune they picked to gets the masses TOTALLY pumped...for shoppin' & gift givin'!

Give up?!

 Who else?!

 I almost choked on my martini olive when I caught this one, pals!

 Dean's "Go Go Go Go" is the ABSOLUTE...Perfecto kick this SWINGIN' season off!

 I managed to dig up the commercial on good ol' YouTube...& of course it's the ONLY jam I would use for this COOL COOL week's Serenade! 

So, palsies...get ready!

 Here come the holidays! 

Start the givin' of Dino-thanks today! 
Times a wastin'!


 Happy Birthday, Pop! 


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, we stand absolutely awed of your Dino-discovery of the Nordstrom holiday commercial! It's simply 'nother extraordinary example of how truly indeed, our Dino's the virile voice of the season! How totally totally thrillin' to know that it was your daddy-o who led you into the wonderful world of our most beloved Dino, and now youse is keepin' the Dino-light glowin' ever more Dino-bright for you and your pop! Go! Go! Go! spreadin' the Dino-message of cool! Best to youse and yours in this swank season of Givin' Dino Thanks!

Danny G. said...

Same to you, pal! I knew you’d be diggin’ on the Fun Fun commercial! Looks like it’s gonna be ‘nother cool cool Dino-season!

BlueisCoool said...

It looks like Thanksgiving is fast approaching in only a few more days. Can you believe it!? This weeks gem of a song couldn't be a better pick, esp with everyone rushing around trying to get prepared for the holiday season. I don't recall hearing this Dean Martin song before but how great is it! And as an added bonus you even found a commercial using this one, a fantastic find Danny G.!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


Danny G. said...

Thanks Scotty my bro! Glad you liked the jam! Have a Cool Cool day of givin’ Dino-thanks, pallie!