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.....Dino to be the December inductee into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame in this year when we celebrate the League of Themselves.

Hey pallies, likes welcome back to Day 5 of  Dino-winter season here at our little ilovedinomartin conclave.  Likes we are always most delighted to see our most beloved Dino homaged in ubber ultra unique ways pallies, and that is exactly what we are goin' to  be coolly celebratin' today as we takes all youse Dino-philes to the new-to-ilovedinomartin blog tagged "INNER TOOB -  A LOOK AT TELEVISION AS AN ALTERNATIVE REALITY," where TV affectionado Mr. Toby O'B holds forth.

Toby has chosen to "induct" our one and only Dino into "the Television Crossover Hall of Fame" this month of December 2016 'cause our main man  "hosted several Christmas TV specials on NBC over the years.  Mr. O'B accent this year has been to  "celebrate the League of Themselves," which when we did a bit of researchin' of his blog refers to Toby's notion that "those people who appear as themselves in a fictional setting to be actual characters."

And, likes as you will enjoys as you read this powerfully potent post, Toby energetically elaborates with pixs 'n prose 'n vids the various ways our Dino played his ol' so cool, hip, and randy "fictional televersion" persona all over the small tube....includin' of course his nine year run starrin' in his Dino-show over at the peacock channel.

Likes this is a marvelously mighty massive missive hugely hugely homagin' our beloved Dino and includes a Dino-seasonal image of our King of Cool as the King of the Sleigh.....playin' Santa Claus in a production number from the Dino-show.  It is crystal clear that Mr. Toby O'B is the deepest of deep digger of our most beloved Dino and we are tremedously touched by this tremendous tribute to our Dino.

We sez our thanks to Mr. Toby O'B for this swankest of swank salute to our Dino and we make our pilgrimage to the anniversary of the day of our great man's departure from our presence.  To checks this out in it it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.

We remain,

Yours in Dino-devotion,

Dino Martin Peters

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Dean Martin (born Dino Paul Crocetti; June 7, 1917 – December 25, 1995) was an American singer, actor, comedian, and film producer. One of the most popular and enduring American entertainers of the mid-20th century, Martin was nicknamed the "King of Cool" for his seemingly effortless charisma and self-assurance.

He and Jerry Lewis were partners in the immensely popular comedy team Martin and Lewis. He was a member of the "Rat Pack" and a star in concert stages, nightclubs, recordings, motion pictures, and television. He was the host of the television variety program 'The Dean Martin Show' (1965–1974) and 'The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast' (1974–1985).

Martin's relaxed, warbling crooning voice earned him dozens of hit singles including his signature songs "Memories Are Made of This", "That's Amore", "Everybody Loves Somebody", "You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You", "Sway", "Volare", and "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?".


I think this picture of Dean Martin with Kookie Kookson III was a publicity photo for '77 Sunset Strip'.  I don't think he ever appeared on the detective series.  But the IMDb has been wrong before, as we'll see....

Dean Martin hosted several Christmas TV specials on NBC over the years:

Dean Martin's California Christmas - 1975

Dean Martin's Christmas in California - 1977

Christmas at Sea World - 1981

And that's as good as reason as any to choose Dino to be the December inductee into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame in this year when we celebrate the League of Themselves.

Dean Martin played his fictional televersion in the following TV shows:

'The Jack Benny Program'
- "The Road to Nairobi" (1954)

In this live episode, before the monologue, Bob steals Jack's pants, so Jack wears Don Wilson's. The skit features Bob and Jack as big game hunters in Africa, who get captured by cannibals. Martin & Lewis do a cameo at the end.

- "Jack Visits the Vault" (1953)

Per the title, the vault was one of Jack Benny's gags where he kept all his money guarded by numerous traps and an old man who had not been out of the vault in decades.

'Make Room for Daddy'
- Terry Has a Date (1956)

I think this was another example of the IMDb not being ever reliable.  I looked through this episode via YouTube and there's no sign of Dean Martin.  I think the title of this episode was confused with that of the following entry on this list:

'Make Room for Daddy'
- Terry's Crush (1958)

Danny is alarmed to learn that Terry has been spurning classmate, Donald Cooper, in order to swoon over Dean Martin. Danny enlists Dean to figure out a way to place his wayward teenager back into the arms of the hapless, but far more suitable, Donald.

'The Phil Silvers Show'
- Bilko's Secret Mission (1958)

Bilko is sent to Yucca Flats to work on a nuclear test program. Ritzik is magnetized by one of the scientists machines. They skip the base and head for Las Vegas where Rupert is keen to demonstrate out his 'attractive' gambling skills.

Dino was listed in the IMDb as "Unnamed Las Vegas Gambler", but since he went uncredited in the episode I think it's not a problem to think of him as playing himself.

'The Lucy Show'
- Lucy Dates Dean Martin (1966)

Lucy is set up on a date with Dean Martin's movie double Eddie Feldman. When Eddie can't make it because he's needed in a scene, Dean substitutes as him on the date. Throughout the evening, Lucy keeps telling him how much more talented he is than that lucky Dean Martin. To make matters worse, Dean/Eddie can't get a drink anywhere. This was one of Lucille Ball's favorite's of this series.

Here's a clip:

"Lucy Gets Lucky" (1975 TV Movie)

LUCY GETS LUCKY finds the wacky redhead pulling out all the stops in Las Vegas to see her favorite entertainer, Dean Martin. Lucy gets a job working at the MGM Grand casino and high stakes hi-jinks follow.

- The Usurper (1979)

Dan comes looking for Roth and finds a man named Rodmore in charge. So Dan tries to find Roth to find out what's going on but he appears to have vanished. So he tries to find out why Roth turned control of the company to Rodmore. At the same time someone is following Dan.

'The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo'
- Dean Martin and the Moonshiners (1979)

Sheriff Lobo faces a challenge in the upcoming election from Harry Cunningham's sleazy attorney Waverly and so he schemes to get Dean Martin to perform at a re-elect Lobo rally. Meanwhile, and despite Perkins' bungling, Birdie and the deputized Mary Ellen attempt to bust the Beauregards' moonshine-running operation.

"Half Nelson" (1985 TV Movie)

'Half Nelson' (1985)

A tongue-in-cheek detective show with Pesci perfect as the gumshoe. Strong supporting cast of actors who didn't take themselves too seriously and a great episode-ending plot device with Dean Martin as himself, talking to Joe. Dean didn't look so good, but it was sure nice to see him on the show after his "roasts" ended in '82. Whenever Dean was on the screen it was a lot of fun. The other supporters included Bubba Smitha and Dick Butkis, I think. The whole security firm plot landed itself to all sorts of Rockford Files type adventures and it's sad that it didn't last.

And of course we can't forget this entry in his resume:

'The Dean Martin Show'
There were 261 episodes from 1965 - 1974, including the Dean Martin Roasts (but there were specials as well).

"Joys" (1976 TV Special)

In this spoof of Jaws (1975), nearly fifty comedians are mysteriously attacked and swallowed up, apparently by a great white shark.

And that doesn't include his appearances in variety programs and talk shows.

So here's to the evergreen memory of Dean Martin.  Welcome to the TVXOHOF.

Ain't that a kick in the head?


Danny G. said...

Obviously I couldn't agrees more with Tobys decision & obviously our bestest pal, Dino wound be my pick as well. These tv show clips are cool & priceless!

Unknown said...

Congratulations to Dino, family, and his estate!A nice holiday season tribute to the Dean!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallies, likes Danny-o and Eddie-o, ain't it the coolest then one never never knows where the life, times, and teachin's of our most most beloved Dino will be lovin'ly lifted up next?!?!?!?! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our Dino!