Friday, December 02, 2016

All I Want Is DINO: Factory Sealed! - Dean Martin - The Nashville Sessions - 1983

Hey pallies, likes  welcome back to Day 2 of Dino-winter season here at ilovedinomartin as we move day by day to Dino-winter-day.....the 25th of December....the day that our Dino departed our planet in 1995.  We are thinkin' that it might be most appro for us to rename this day Dino-departure-day as that is exactly what happened.  Your thoughts Dino-holics?

 One of the thin's that we most enjoy doin' in preparation for this reverent remembrance of our Dino's passin' is to search the ol' world wide web for delightful Dino-giftin' idears, many of which are easy on the pocketbook, but would be awesomely appreciated by Dino-philes of all ages and stages.  So,   likes on this second day of Dino-winter season 2016 we wanna shares with you a Dino-treasure that we are powerfully positive that simply a ton of Dino-holics woulda loves to be gifted with this Dino-season.                   

From the incredibly  intriguin' internet sales site, "Etsy" comes the offerin' of the vinyl recordin' of our Dino's last disc tagged "Dean Martin - The Nashville Sessions," released by Warner Brothers in 1983.  This is the only major Dino-al-b-um that has yet to be released in CD format, and we woulda guess is somewhat rare to come across.   As you will note below, it is bein' offered by a chick whose sales site is tagged "Missysvinyl."

This particular al-b-um is "factory sealed" meanin' that it oughta be in mint condition with only " a minor saw cut top right of album," meanin' that it was originally sold as a cutout.  Hard for those of us deeply devoted to our Dino to think that his last recordin' woulda ever reached the closeout status of a "cutout."  And, likes as you will note pallies, it's a beautiful bargain at only $9.99 plus shippin'.

Likes as we have never owned this original al-b-um ourselves, we would be deeply deeply delighted to have it gifted to us this Dino-winter season for Dino-sure.  To checks this offer out at it's original site, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  And, we simply can't resist sharin' one more time, that greatest of great vid of our Dino, indeed our most beloved Dino's only MTV vid recordin' of  "Since I Met You Baby" directed by his youngest boypallie Ricci James who recently himself passed from this life.  So, below is a pristine version of that remarkable recordin'.

We remain,

Yours in Dino-remembrance,

Dino Martin Peters                                      


Factory Sealed! - Dean Martin - The Nashville Sessions - 1983

Factory Sealed! - Dean Martin - The Nashville Sessions - 1983


Vintage item from the 1980s
Ships worldwide from United States

 Factory Sealed!

Album Title - The Nashville Sessions

Company Label - Warner Brothers Records
Album Code - 9238701
Release Date – 1983
12' Inch - 33 RPM - Vinyl Record

Overall Album Condition -
Cover - Factory Sealed! Does have a minor saw cut top right of album
Album - Factory Sealed!

Track Listing

Old Bones
Everybody's Had The Blues - With Merle Haggard
Don't Give Up On Me
In Love Up To My Heart
Shoulder To Shoulder
Since I Met You Baby
My First Country Song - With Conway Twitty
Drinking Champagne
Hangin Around
Love Put A Song In My Heart

The picture is an actual photo of the album listed!

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Danny G. said...

Great deal, pal! Wouldn't minds this cool cool al b um under my Christmas tree either! Ha!And, Yes! I thinks that Dino-departure Day is perfecto!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks for your thoughts on Dino-departure Day...we'll see what other pallies have to say 'bout this. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most most beloved Dino!

Unknown said...

A wonderful album, and a crazy, crazy find! A introspective type LP, "Old Bones" a personal favorite of this pallie.
I'm hip on the Dino-Departure day, truly devotional!

Unknown said...

Dino Departure Day for sure!
George the Greek

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Eddie-o, cool that you are "hip on the Dino-Departure day, truly devotional!" Likes not sure what it took us so long to come to this Dino-thought. Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, Likes Georgie-o, thanks for your nod of Dino-approval...from now on it's goin' be Dino-departure day. Thanks for the patter, and, of course, likes keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!