Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's A Holiday Weekend Without MATT HELM!

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Hey pallies, likes when we gots on the 'net after the long weekend, we found likes some wonderful patter from a dude tagged Tommy Ross who so so was diggin' a Matt Helm Dino-calendar post that we shared sometime 'go.  We are always thrilled to have new pallies check in and share their Dino-appreciato, and so likes we thought we woulda checks out Mr. Ross's bio and see if perhaps he had a blog or two or three and then see if he had done some bloggin' in the name of Dino.

Well we indeed found Mr. Ross's bio which tell us among other thin's that he hails from Palm Springs, Cali and that he is in the communication/media biz.  And, he does have a number of blogs and when we landed as his swingin' blog "Tommy's Beach" we were thrilled to find that he had indeed done a wee bit of Dino-action...and likes what Dino-action it is.

Tommy musta posted it round last year's Memorial Day's Weekend, 'cause it is tagged "What's A Holiday Weekend Without MATT HELM!, and likes we are so so sorry to not have seen it sooner 'cause it woulda been just the perfect Dino-post for this past holiday weekend.  But, likes we are so so delighted to share it today.  Likes, of course, we are ab-so-lutely thrilled with Tommy's selection of a Helmer caper to feature, as likes youse all know how enraptured  we are with "Murder's Row" simply the bestest of best of our Dino as swingin' spyster Matt Helm.

Likes we totally totally digs Tommy's choice of choice Dino-poses...most with lovely Miss Ann-Margret.  And, for our Dino-viewin' pleasure we gets a great MR trailer as well!  ilovedinomartin is most most delighted to finds us 'nother lover of our most most beloved Dino and to share his Dino-action with all youse Dino-philes.  Great to meet you Tommy and thanks ever so much for sharin' your devotion to our Dino with your readership!   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


 What's A Holiday Weekend Without MATT HELM!
A little movie called Murderer's Row! 
Get down!

Dean Martin & Ann Margaret, how classic is THAT!

10 minute sample - Hovercraft chase scene



Danny G. said...

Great read! Great great trailer!!! Hahaha!!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, it simply doesn't get better then our Dino as Helm in "Murder's Row"...simply our Dino at his best...playin' is oh so cool, hip, and ever randy self! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!