Sunday, May 18, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "South Of The Border"

Hey pallies! Welcome to yet 'nother swingin' Sunday Serenade with our swingin' swoonin' croonin' pal, Dino!!!

 Man o man...just when I thinks I've already used ALL Dean's cool cool "sunny weather" type jams...'nother one JUMPS out at me & gives me a great big kick in the head! Actually pals...this tune kinda just fell in my lap!
 I was watchin' some crazy new comedy last week & all of a sudden pals...BAM! There's our pal Dean, layin' down his rendition of "South of the Border"!

Now the part that REALLY made me flip my Dino-lovin' wig... was that this fun fun croon is right there in the middle of one of my FAV Dino al b ums..."Dino Latino"! Surprised I haven't used this little gem over the years... but also pals... VERY 'cited that's I have it to play on this BEA U TI FUL  & Springy day of May!!!

Well pals...'nuff small talk...let's get jammin'! Now go pour yourselves a Margarita...grab a few sunbeams...& take a trip down South with Dean! Enjoy!

South of the border down Mexico way
That's where I fell in love when the stars above came out to play
And now that I wander
My thoughts ever stray
South of the border down Mexico way

Ah, she was a picture in old Spanish lace
Just for a tender while I kissed the smile upon her face
It was fiesta we were so gay
South of the border down Mexico way

Then she sighed as she whispered manana
Never dreamed that we were parting
And I lied as I whispered manana
For tomorrow never came

South of the border I jumped backed one day
There in a veil of white by the candle light knelt to pray
Ah, the mission bells told me that I must not stay
South of the border down Mexico way

I yi yi yi I I I I
I yi yi yi
I yi yi yi


Always On Watch said...

One of my favorite Dino tunes.

I also love "In a Little Spanish Town."

Danny G. said...

I'm with you Ms. AOW! 2 great great jams!!!

Ms.Swaywithme said...

What a great find! Such a fun song Dino knows how to put you in that hot summer mood. Gonna go pour myself a glass of vino and celebrate Dino vibe.

BlueisCoool said...

What a fantastic song this is. It is such an upbeat and fun song. I love it.

Thank you for posting this gem!


Danny G. said...

Glad youse enjoyed as much as I!!!
My pleasure.