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French 45 Pressin's Of Our Most Beloved Dino!

Hey pallies, likes we here at ilovedinomartin gets more and more psyched by each passin' Dino-day?  Perchance you may ask why?   Well, because the ol' 'net is likes a tree loaded with sweet sweet ripe cherries just waitin' for the pickin'....and likes of course the illustration is referrin' to the sweetest of sweet Dino-fruit just waitin' to be discovered and shared right here at ilovedinomartin.

Likes today's Dino-delight comes from a French blog, "45vinylvidivici  - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FRENCH Pressings (EP & SP)  -MADE BY FOREIGN ARTISTS."   And as you will note below, the page we are sharin' includes  al-b-um covers from a huge huge number of 45 records (EP & SP) by our one and only Dino released in the great great country of amore....France!  Likes not only do we have the covers, but we have all the pertinent Dino-information to goes with 'em....the songs on each, the release number, the company and year of release as well.

Likes, we have never ever seen many of these coolest of cool covers, and likes it brings us so so much happiness to have found this remarkable Dino-resource that we can share with all youse Dino-holics for your purest of pure Dino-edification and Dino-viewin' pleasure as well.  Likes, likes just wishes that we have a set of these original recordin's for our very very Dino-own!

ilovedinomartin salutes the pallies at "45vinylvidivici  - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FRENCH Pressings (EP & SP)  -MADE BY FOREIGN ARTISTS" for puttin' together this amazin' record of Dino-history in one place at one time for all us Dino-devotees to grow in our Dino-knowledge!  To checks this out in it's original source, like simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-awed, DMP

HOME 1960/1975           HOME
That's amore / Oh Marie // Come back to Sorrento / Luna mezzo mare
EAP 1-481   Capitol
1955   biem
Memories are made of this / Change of heart
F-3295   Capitol
1955   biem
Me 'n you 'n the moon / Buckskin beauty // The wind the wind / Pardners
EAP 1-752   Capitol
It looks like love / Let's be friendly // A day in the country / Hoolywood or bust
EAP 1-806   Capitol
(merci à Laurent E.)
Return to me / Don't you remember ? // Forgetting you / Buono sera
EAP 1-939   Capitol
1957   biem
Volare (nel blu dipinto di blu) / Outta my mind // Angel baby / I'll gladly make the same mistake again
EAP 1-1027   Capitol
Sleep warm / Hit the road to dreamland // Sleepy time gal / Good night sweetheart
EAP 1-1150   Capitol
(merci Frederic R.)
A winter romance / Let it snow ! let it snow ! let it snow // I've got my love to keep me warm / Winter wonderland
EAP 1-1285   Capitol
(thanks to Jam)

Rio Bravo / My rifle, my pony and me // + NELSON RIDDLE : De guello / Blue safari
EAP 1-20016   Capitol
1959   chappell
Ain't that a kick in the head / Humdinger // Just in time / Buttercup a golden hair
EAP 1-20103   Capitol
1960   biem
(Track 1 of film / merci à Michel T.)
Giuggiola / Bella balla bambina // All in a night's work / The story of life
EAP 1-20212   Capitol
1962   biem/chappell
C'est si bon / La vie en rose // Mimi / The poor people of Paris
RVEP 60021   Reprise
1963   biem
Magic is the moonlight / Besame mucho // La paloma / What a differnece a day made
RVEP 60026   Reprise
1963   biem
SAMMY DAVIS JR. : Me and my shadow (with Frank Sinatra) / Be my love // Sam's song (with Dean Martin) / Without a song
RVEP 60028   Reprise
1963   francis day/biem
Second hand rose / My sugar's gone // I'm gonna change everything / The middle of the night is my cryin' time
RVEP 60044   Reprise
1964   chappell/D.R.
Everybody loves somebody / A little voice // From lover to lover / Face in the crowd
RVEP 60052   Reprise
Everybody loves somebody / A little voice
RV 20048   Reprise
1964   biem
SINATRA: My kind of town / SAMMY DAVIS Jr. : Bang ! bang ! // SINATRA/DAVIS/MARTIN/BING CROSBY: Mister Booze / DEAN MARTIN: Any man who loves his mother
RVEP 60055   Reprise
1965   chappell
The door is still open to my heart / Every minute, every hour // My heart cries for you / Baby-O
RVEP 60057   Reprise
1965   chappell/biem
You're nobody 'til somebody loves you / Take me // You'll always be the one I love / So long baby
RVEP 60063   Reprise
1965   biem/chappell

I'm the one who lives you / Send me the pillow you dream on // I'm the one who loves you / In the chapel in the moonlight
RVEP 60071   Reprise
(first sleeve thanks to Jam)
with FRANK SINATRA , SAMMY DAVIS Jr., DEAN MARTIN & BING CROSBY : Guys and dolls / I've never been in love before // Sit down, you're rockin' the boat / The oldest established
RVEP 60073   Reprise
Houston / The birds and the bees // King of the road / Red roses for a blue lady
RVEP 60078   Reprise
1965   biem/D.R.
The silencers / South of the border // Empty saddles in the old corral / On the sunny side of the street
RVEP 60086   Reprise
1966   biem/chappell
A million and one / Bouquet of roses // Shades / Ain't gonna try anymore
RVEP 60091   Reprise
1966   biem/D.R.
Let the good times in / I'm not the marrying kind // Nobody's baby again / It just happened that way
RVEP 60099   Reprise
1967   biem/D.R.
In the chapel in the moonkight / Welcome to my world // Little ole wine drinker, me / I can't help remembering you
RVEP 60108   Reprise
1967   biem/D.R.
In the chapel in the moonkight / Welcome to my world
RV 20126   Reprise
1967   chappell
In the misty moonlight / Wallpaper roses
RV 20146   Reprise
1967    Chappell
(merci Frederic R.)
NANCY SINATRA : Some velvet morning / Things (withDean Martin)
RV 20154   Reprise
You've still got a place in my heart / Old yellow line
RV 20158   Reprise
1968    Chappell   
(merci Frederic R.)
April again / That old time feelin
RV 20175   Reprise
(merci à Jam)
Gentle on my mind / That's when I see the blues (in your prettty brown eyes)
RV 20201   Reprise
1969   biem
I take a lot of pride in what I am / Drowning in my tears
RV 20218   Reprise
1969    D.R.
(merci Frederic R.)
One cup of happiness / Crying time
RV 20225   Reprise
1970   biem
My woman, my woman, my wife / Here we go again
RV 20250   Reprise
1970   biem
Detroit city / Turn the world around
RV 20254   Reprise
In the chapel in the moonlight / Everybody love's somebody
14149   Reprise
1972   sacem
Tie a yellow ribbon (round the old oak tree) / Free to carry on
14316   Reprise
1973   sacem
Rio Bravo / My rifle , my pony and me
2C004 81168   Capitol
1975   sacem
(merci à Frederic R.)
Rio Bravo / My rifle , my pony and me
2S006 81168   Capitol
1978   sacem
(merci à Frederic R.)
Rio Bravo / My rifle , my pony and me
2C008 81168   Capitol
1982   sacem

In the chapel in the moonlight / Everybody love's somebody
14149   Reprise
1983 ?   sacem
(merci à Jam)

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