Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hey pallies, likes here's some Dino-funnin' to end our Dino-week together. From the self-proclaimed "lame" blog "Frog Blog" by Miss Teresa we gets to view a funny pix of our Dino and Jerry pointin' at each other. Miss Teresa has the skill through the 'puter to gets this Dino-pose animated, and likes you can see that we're so lame here at ilovedinomartin that we can' least yet.

So to enjoys the full Dino-effect, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report to see the Dino-animation in full Dino-glory. If any of you pallies likes has a clue how I coulda have posted this Dino-pose in an animated Dino-fashion, likes please please drop a line.

Thanks Miss Teresa for sharin' some Dino-fun with your readers....sure to help others grow in knowin', lovin', and honorin' our most beloved Dino! Keeps lovin' our Dino! Dino-only, DMP


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