Monday, January 23, 2012

"As a damn good entertainer, nothing spectacular. A good entertainer who made people enjoy themselves and made them laugh a little. He was a nice guy.

Hey pallies, likes there are sites created all over the 'net to promote products and services of all sorts, likes with the hopes that the blogger will strike it rich through their bloggin' efforts. Today's Dino-devotion comes from such a web pad, "Read Biography Books."

The unknown proprietor of said space has put the accent on biographies of famous folks from all walks of life. So, likes it oughta comes likes as no surprise that our most beloved Dino is featured on one of dem pages (clicks on tag of this Dino-message to goes there.)

Well, besides listin' book cover pixs of Dino-bios and links to buy 'em at the largest web seller (btw, as often happens they are some tomes listed that have nothin' to do with our Dino), the creator of this blog has created a mini-bio Dino-tribute as well.

Below, you will find said Dino-devotion, which ilovedinomartin has taken and broken into paragraphs for easier Dino-digestion, as well as scatterin' images of many of the Dino-volumes available for our Dino-readin' pleasure. Likes the thin' 'bout this Dino-essay is that it musta been written by someone for whom English in not their native tongue. The structure and verbage is very very interestin'...makin' for some Dino-delightful readin'.

It woulda appear that the websiter musta perused several of the Dino-bios to gather the Dino-details for their Dino-prose. Gotta say that some of the info is a bit off, but loves so much the passion with which this auther has crafted their Dino-efforts. Most enjoyed the quotation that appears as the tag of this Dino-message....likes I believe it is meant to be a direct quotation by our Dino 'bout he most wanted to be it appeared, I believe, in Nick Tosches absolutely fabulous Dino-read, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams."

Anywho pallies, likes ilovedinomartin deems this a worthy Dino-read, and will be likes most interested in your Dino-reflections on this Dino-history. Hats off to the pallie at "Read Biography Books" for their efforts for liftin' up the life, times, and teachin' of our Dino! Dino-gized, DMP

Dean Martin Biography Book

Dino Paul Crocetti was born on 7 June 1917 born in Steubenville (Ohio), the son of Italian immigrants in 1913 Gaetano Crocetti and his coming of Ohio Angela Barra. He spoke up to the age of five Italian and only afterwards did in school with his broken English very hard.

He therefore left the high school prior to graduation and tried his hand at various jobs, under the name "Kid Crocette" he earned as a boxer in the welterweight ten dollars per fight. At the time of Prohibition (1920 to 1933) he was found alcohol smugglers and even as a croupier at the casino in his hometown.
In the casino, he sang on Croupiertisch often aloud and has been discovered by a music agent.

End of the 1950s tried to place the Dean Martin Comedy image and ended his professional relationship with Jerry Lewis. He turned to more serious roles and played convincingly by the side of acting icons such as Marlon Brando, John Wayne, James Stewart, Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift. Highlight would be the box-office hits like "Rio Bravo", "Bandolero," "The Sons of Katie Elder" (The Sons of Katie Elder) and "Kiss Me, Stupid" (Kiss Me Stupid).

Dean Martin's acquaintance with Frank Sinatra handed back to the year 1944, when Martin in New York music club "Rio Bamba" stepped in for him. 1948 dean martin biography book covert the first time the year before and from that written for Sinatra at Columbia (and again in 1957 with Capitol) brought out song "Everybody Loves Somebody, with should succeed him in 1964 a worldwide success.

Your professional and personal friendship deepened in the early 1950s, several times as Sinatra guest on TV shows of dean martin biography book and Lewis, 1957, dean martin biography book was then many times a guest in Sinatra's television shows (and vice versa Sinatra at him). In October 1958 both took to Capitol on the joint album Sleep Warm for which Sinatra himself took over the orchestra management.

End of January 1959, the two were the first time for a concert engagement in Las Vegas on the stage, having previously been condemned for the film they are all (Some Came Running, 1958) also stood for the first time together before the film camera. 1961 dean martin biography book moved in the wake of Sinatra's Capitol to its newly established record label Reprise, were also more common for the recordings.

From January 1960, Martin and Sinatra regularly with Sammy Davis Jr. , Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, thus earning the name "The Rat Pack" in reference to the "Rat Pack" said Friends of the fifties to Humphrey Bogart, had heard of the Five, but the only Sinatra.

The artist himself called their joint appearances The Summit and dominated the next half decade, with its many programs, the American show business and in particular the stages of Las Vegas. Parallel to the concerts were common films such as Ocean's Eleven (Ocean's Eleven, 1960), The winning three (Seargent 3, 1962), Four for Texas (Four for Texas, 1963) and the Seven Hoods (Robin and The Seven Hoods, 1964). Mid-1960s, heard the regular appearances of the "Rat Pack" on, but Martin, Davis and Sinatra were in the 1970s and 1980s, sometimes together on the concert stage.

1965 NBC launched the "Dean Martin Show", which developed immediately to the broadcast with the best ratings and could be sold worldwide. Unfortunately, NBC had completed only a one year contract with Martin. In order to induce him to continue, they increased the fee per shipment of 40,000 to $ 283,000 with a contract for three years. The crash, the parent company RCA almost into financial ruin, but dean martin biography book was record-holder in television fees.

The Dean Martin biography, "King of the Road" by Michael Freedland takes Martin with the Mafia. Asked that the Mafia have allegedly helped him decisively at the start of his solo career, so he sang in the clubs of the "Mobster" for the Mafia bosses. When Dean Martin was a star long ago, he performed in numerous shows and lower-paid, funded by Mafia bosses.

Biographer called it a degree of loyalty and sympathy Martins against the Mafia. dean martin biography book himself said, prepare for him not guilty and not inconvenience him do these people only a "small favor". Allegedly wanted by the FBI detained one-Mafioso-Martin injure or even kill, because he had not shown solidarity with the Mafia.

The author John L. Smith outlined in his book "The Animal in Hollywood" Dean Martin's longtime friendship with Johnny Roselli and Anthony Fiato Mobsters. Fiato, aka "The Animal", Martin proved many favors, so he bought back money that was stolen two crooks Dean Martin's ex-wife Betty Martin.

In March 1988, dean martin biography book started with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. once again a joint concert tour ("Together Again"), but retired after just one week, for health reasons. In April, he was already back on stage at the Bally's Las Vegas. There he was on 29 July 1991 his last concert. Dean Martin died on 25 December 1995 aged 78 from lung cancer. He was buried at Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park, on which other film and music personalities such as Burt Lancaster, Walter Matthau, Marilyn Monroe and Roy Orbison were laid to rest.

"As a damn good entertainer, nothing spectacular. A good entertainer who made people enjoy themselves and made them laugh a little. He was a nice guy. He did pretty good and we loved him, that's all. " "As a damn good entertainer, nothing special. A good entertainer who entertained the people well and a little laugh. He was a nice guy.
He's done very well and we loved him, that's all. ".

Dean Martin was married three times and had eight children, being brought daughter Sasha by Cathy Hawn into the marriage and adopted by Dean Martin was. Dean Martin had three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6519 Hollywood Blvd. in the category of film, at 6655 Hollywood Blvd. in the television category and at 1615 Vine Street in the category of music recordings. In addition, his hand-and footprints, and his autograph since 21 March 1964 in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre (6925 Hollywood Blvd. ) Immortalized in cement. . .


Always On Watch said...

I don't go along with most of this part:

"As a damn good entertainer, nothing spectacular. A good entertainer who made people enjoy themselves and made them laugh a little. He was a nice guy. He did pretty good and we loved him, that's all. " "As a damn good entertainer, nothing special. A good entertainer who entertained the people well and a little laugh. He was a nice guy.
He's done very well and we loved him, that's all. "

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, as I mentioned in my Dino-commentary, I thinks this is supposed to be a quote from our Dino about how he wanted to be remembered...I think this is found in Tosches' amazin' Dino-remembrance...will have to check for sure....if I am correct, this simply shows how very humble our most beloved Dino was. Keeps lovin' our Dino!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Wow! lots of materials to read about Dino. Wish I had more time to check them out.

Thanks for the tip.

Always On Watch said...

I do wonder how much creative writing Tosches did.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, likes woulda you sez more 'bout what you are meanin'? Keeps lovin' our Dino!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Andy dude, indeed there is an endless flow of Dino-info available to Dino-philes such as much little time... Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

Always On Watch said...

A good portion of Tosches's book is written in stream of consciousness and interior monologue.

However, Tosches never actually interviewed our Dino as far as I know.

Tosches got all the indisputable facts correct. But the rest of it, particularly about our Dino's later days cannot be confirmed.

I remember a portion about how our Dino regarded life as he got older: if one can have a good bowel movement, what more can there be to life? Also, Tosches spent some time writing about our Dino suffering from dementia and misanthropism in general. Now, in some ways, our Dino was not a people person -- and, clearly, he was a loner in many respects.

My father-in-law actually spent some time with our Dino in those final days when our Dino was in the hospital. According to my father-in-law, our Dino barely said a word and "had given up on living." So, I judge that Tosches couldn't possibly have known all that he claims to know in that biography of our Dino. Also, Tosches supposedly quoted various stars as saying some negative things about our Dino. True? I don't know; I'd have to check the book to see if there are any sources listed.

Have you read the book?

Always On Watch said...

From Wiki:

Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams is a biography of Dean Martin written by Nick Tosches. It draws heavily from interviews Tosches did with Jerry Lewis and Martin's second wife, and lifelong friend Jeanne Biegger. The story begins with the births of Martin's grandparents in Italy and follows his entire life up to the point of publication. It also includes sections in which Tosches writes in the first person from the point of view of Martin, a gonzo journalism style...

Read about gonzo journalism HERE. Note that gonzo journalism makes no claims of objectivity. Not journalism in the traditional sense.

Furthermore, if nothing that Jeanne and Jerry ever said as far as we can confirm begins to approach the negativity of the Dean Martin bio that Tosches wrote -- penned in first person but apparently designed to shock. In fact, Jerry's book is quite to the contrary and very positive about our Dino.

Sorry to blab on, but you asked for details.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks ever so much for your heart-felt Dino-reflections. I have delved deeply and drunk deeply from Tosches Dino-bio, but never read the whole book through...preferrin' to put the accent on various parts at various times.

Indeed, I know the controversies surroundin' Tosches' tome, but as I have read seems to me that Tosches has a love/hate relationship with our Dino...and 'though some of the Dino-details may be questionable, I personally believe that Tosches more then anyone else gives us a more rounded history of our most beloved Dino.

Thanks again for takin' the time and space to speak your deeply felt Dino-thoughts! Keeps lovin' our Dino!

Kylie said...

I agree with Always on Watch.
Honestly I don`t think I would read Nick Toches book if someone gave it to me.
Nick never interviewed Dean and the same goes for other authors like Arthur Marx, recently deceased.
Dean never wanted a book written about him and never authorised anyone to write a biography.
The book by Arthur Marx contained several mistakes which came to light later.
As Always on Watch mentions Toches couldn`t possibly have known all the claims he made, for one thing he didn`t know Dean.
Nobody knew the real Dean, he was a very private man.
Whether any of these authors have good things or bad things to say about Dean, they are relying on sources for their information.
I know Dean was no saint and I`ve heard Nick Toches wrote several bad things about Dean, some true perhaps.
The opening paragraph As a damn good entertainer is similar to what Dean said in an interview for Wine, Women and Song only this paragraph has been exagerated.
Except for the Nick Toches book, I`ve read just about every other book written and what I`ve been reading are peoples opinions of Dean.
Interviews with Jerry Lewis have never been reliable as he often gives different versions of how he met Dean, the break up and so on.
His book was great but how accurate was it ?
Nobody can remember things exactly as they were over 50 years ago.
I have trouble remembering doctors appointments, birthdays, what I did yesterday, lol
All that matters to me is the Dean I see on television, in movies and in his music.
He had a brilliant career and he`ll always be remembered for his talent.
100 years from now he`ll still be remembered as being a great entertainer, not for things which have been written about him in books.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks so much Miss Ky for sharin' more of your Dino-thoughts...thanks so much for this 'specially.. "The opening paragraph As a damn good entertainer is similar to what Dean said in an interview for Wine, Women and Song only this paragraph has been exagerated."

Likes I coulda not recall where I had heard that thanks ever so much for remindin' all us pallies of that Dino-reference.

Likes I said, anyone who reads this Dino-postin' woulda know that the pallie who scribed this at the bio pad doesn't speak English as their native tongue...the dude who wrote this was simply quotin' to the best of their memory what our Dino had said in that live interview.

As far as Tosches' bio, indeed our Dino is such an egnima and likes so so totally totally unknowable, but personally I thinks that Tosches comes closer than any other relater of the Dino-story to givin' us the biggest picture of our great man...most talented entertainer in the entire universe...and most high livin' in the dirty business of dreams!

Keeps lovin' our Dino!