Friday, October 30, 2009

SCARED STIFF - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis & Carmen Miranda (1953)

Hey pallies, in honor of Dino-ween just had to run the full edition of this trib to our Dino and the kid's "Scared Stiff." From the create hands of Dinolovin' pallie, Eegah!! & Tabonga!, comes this stellar pictoral post on this classic Dinocomedy of horrors.

Have shared part of this in the past, but felt so Dinoled to does the work to transfer this whole Dinopost for all us Dinoholics Dinoviewin' Dinopleasure as Dinoween draws so so Dinoclose.

This Dinopost is from the amazin' blogg "Dwrayger Dungeon Presents Monser Movie Music and Beyond!" Clicks on the tagg of this Dinogram to see it in all it's original Dinoglory. Be sure to gets huge quanities of our Dino for Dinoween...who needs candy when we can have our sweet Dino! Dinoweenin', DMP

Saturday, August 2, 2008

SCARED STIFF - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis & Carmen Miranda (1953)

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, well, there's not much new I can say about these showbiz icons, so let's just get with it! Here's some seriously cool photos and songs from the 1953 zany classic, "Scared Stiff!"

The musical credits give you all the information you need to know!!

This movie is all about music and starts right up with Dean's act at the club!

Dorthy Malone plays the part of Rosie!! Dorthy meet Jerry before I beat the crap out of him!!

Jiggers, the cops!!!

When Jerry Lewis puts on his game face, he's really scary!!

Time to sail off into the unknown, and for all you schmaltzy Dean lovers, here's "Dino" with a classic love song!

Frank Fontaine as the obnoxious drunk on the pier would go on to have a number one record 9 years later with his "Songs I Sing On The Jackie Gleason Show" LP!! In character as Crazy Guggenheim, the non-drinking Fontaine, could barely put a sentence together, but had a smooth singing style out of character, just like Jim Nabors when he wasn't Gomer!!

My favorite thing that Jerry Lewis does, is when he stands behind some one and mimics and mocks them!! That'll get me rolling on the floor every time!!

Carmen Miranda as Carmelita Castinha performs here in her last film role, with the boys and "Bongo Bingo"! I love the countdown at the end! Defies comprehension to me!

There's no way to forget "Enchiladas", even if you try, because just like in real life, they will come back to haunt you! Listen to this at your own risk and guard your crystal!

And once again to justify the whole thing, see, there is actually a ghost!!

"Carmen's Late", so of course, Jerry has to go on for her miming to a record! He almost pulls it off, and the crowd is just weird enough not to care!

It might be her last movie, but backstage with the gang, Carmen doesn't look like she knew she was going to get this kind of send up!

Super scary sequence giving new meaning to the word 'armchair!'

Oh, it's Bob Hope and Bing Crosby!! Imagine that!!! How ironic!! And they're skeletons!!! Wow, how is that even possible or plausible? And, in the, Oh, Yeah, department, am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that another Martin/Lewis movie made in the same year titled "The Caddy" had an actor in it whose name was Lewis Martin??? That's just weird!!!
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Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Too cool Dino! Sorry we had to pull the songs a while back, it's a long story and the same reason we haven't done any more Matt Helm, but one of these days.... At least you've got the YouTube pieces up there! Thanx Pal!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, no problemo...decided to pull out all the stops for this here yeah, posted all the youtube clips of our Dino and the kid's comedy of terror and of course, I thoughts of your stellar Dinotrib to the flick and just had to shares that as Dinowell...thanks for stoppin' by and sharin' some Dinopatter...