Monday, October 26, 2009

MARIA: Story on Dean Martin

Hey pallies, likes here is 'nother great post from Dinoholic Maria (clicks on tagg of this Dinogram to goes to here amazin' blogg).

Loves readin' stories 'bout the life and times of our Dino and this one is tagged "Dean Martin To Quit Show Business" by a Mr. Tom Stewart.

Stewart emphasis is on Dino the family man and how he wants to spend more time with his younger children, Dino Jr., Ricci, and Gina. Well we know and are so Dinodelighted that our Dino never quit the biz at the height of his career and we know that not that long after this Dinoprose was written he cut the strings with the Jeanne and his life became likes totally congruent with his swingin' persona as an entertainer. So Stewart's observations proved to be less then accurate....but likes how cool to read this Dinoliterature as a piece of Dinohistory.

BTW pallies, likes if you clicks on each Dinopage you will be able to enlarge 'em so that you can read each and every Dinoword!

Thanks to our Maria for sharin' this with us. Dinolearnin', DMP

mandag 26. oktober 2009

Story on Dean Martin

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