Saturday, October 24, 2009

(3) Passion Singapore 60s Music & Dean Martin

Hey pallies, our great pallie Andy Lim continues to say such wonderful Dinowords 'bout the ilovedinomartin Dinoventure and yours truly. I feel so unworthy of such praise...all the praise goes to our Dino 'cause without him there woulda be no reason to do this Dinowork.

To read this in it's original format, please clicks on the tagg (title) of this Dinopost to goes to Mr. Lim's cool blogg "Singapore 60s Andy Pop Music Website 08."

Thanks to our great pallie from Singapore for showin' such true Dinopalliedom and honorin' our Dino in this way! Dinothrilled, DMP

October 24, 2009

(3) Passion Singapore 60s Music & Dean Martin

"I had encouraged Andy to trys out his own form of patter usin' what he tagged Singlish...a combo of his native tongue and English, and here is where he created in honor of our Dino... all I gotta say is that my Dinobro has just started my Dinoday off with a huge Dinobuddagrin with this fun post! Thanks pallie, for all your efforts for our Dino and for bein' such a cool Dinopallie! Dinodelightedly." DMP October 23, 2009.

It just goes to show the passion people have. It will be an exception in our country if Singapore 60s music has followers like Dino Martin Peters who takes time and trouble to write, almost every other day, about Dean Martin. Queen's English, Standard English or even in Singlish, I wish more enthusiasts would write and blog about Singapore music from the 50s.

Image: Dino Martin Peters.
Article: DMP/Andy Lim.
Posted by Andy Young* at 11:15 AM
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Andy Young* said...

You know what, I know you're on the line now. I was just about to write to you on your blog but clicked on my blog first and saw your message. While reading it, I saw the new message with your email address. Will write you soon.

DMP, it's Dinomagic. He's somewhere around just guiding people like you and me! Oooh!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, glads you know what I know....Dino is very much with us...not physically, but the King of Cool is always with those truly devoted to our Dino...truly purely Dinomagic for Dinosure...and yeah, just so so Dinoreal....will be lookin' forward to hearin' from you pallie o'mine...