Monday, November 13, 2017

Sunday Concert // Dean Martin - London (1983)

Hey pallies, likes we're back with yet more Dino-devotion a la internationale.  We shift today from Brazil at the tip of South America to  the transcontinental country of Turkey  (in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe).  Our perfect pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog search sent us to the Turkish blog "Hafif Müzik | HAFİF BAŞKA ŞEYLER," which translates into English  as  "Light Music | LITTLE OTHER THINGS."

When we landed there we viewed their most Dino-honorin' blog post, "Sunday Concert // Dean Martin - London (1983).  This particular post contains a wee bit of Dino-details and most importantly the youtube vid clip of our most beloved Dino's 1983 concert filmed at the Apollo Victoria Theater in London."  Likes it's been on youtube for almost a year, and we gotta 'fess up that  this is the first time we knew that, and are thrilled to pass this Dino-gem onto Dino-holics everywhere.

The video includes 13 cooler then cool croons by our main man and well as the potent patter that our Dino is known for.  Likes we can't tell youse how totally totally thrilled that we discovered this at a Turkish music pad speakin' volumes 'bout how much our Dino is awesomely admired 'round the Dino-globe.   We thanks the pallies at  "Hafif Müzik | HAFİF BAŞKA ŞEYLER," for puttin' this delightful Dino-treasure up at their pad, certain to bring many many of their readership into a deeper 'n deeper appreicato of our most most beloved Dino.  To checks this out in it's original form, simply clicks on the tag of this particular Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Sunday Concert // Dean Martin - London (1983)


In addition to his nearly 40-year-long film career, Dean Martin, who has published a long-term track record with 33 studio albums and countless concert recordings, drove his latest work "The Nashville Sessions" to the market in June 1983.
Dean Martin, 66, who made a series of shows for a week at the Apollo Victoria Theater in London a few days before the sale of the album, called 13 songs by video recording and song list below. Good looking ...
01. When You're Drinking 
02. Bourbon From Heaven 
03. Where or When 
04. Welcome to My World 
05. Drinking Champagne 
06. That's Amore 
07. Love Walked In & It's Magic 
08. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 
09. For the Good Times 
10. Here Comes My Baby 
11. Little Old Wine Drinker 
12. Just Bumming Around 
13. One Hour With You

Pazar Konseri // Dean Martin – Londra (1983)

Yaklaşık 40 yıl süren sinema kariyerinin yanı sıra, yayımladığı 33 stüdyo albümü ve sayısız konser kaydıyla birlikte oldukça uzun bir döneme adın yazdıran Dean Martin, son çalışması “The Nashville Sessions” ı 1983’ün Haziran ayında piyasaya sürmüştü.
Albüm satışa çıkmadan birkaç gün önce Londra’daki Apollo Victoria Theater‘da bir hafta süren bir seri gösteri yapan 66 yaşındaki Dean Martin’in 13 şarkı seslenirdiği gecenin video kaydı ve şarkı listesi aşağıda. İyi seyirler…


Danny G. said...

Love this concert, pallie! Lotta fun! Dino STILL had the crowd eatin' outta his hand at 66! Love the jokin' between him & Ken. Great post!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, how thrillin' that this hugely historic Dino-event was filmed and now available for sale on DVD as part of"Dean Martin Collected Cool" multi-disc set. And, indeed loves the patter as only our Dino can do it with Kenny! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one our only Dino!

Always On Watch said...

Wonderful to relive this concert via YouTube! I've viewed excerpts but not the entire London concert. A real gem!

Note: I've been out of touch for a while. For one thing, my laptop was acting the fool; I finally got the machine tuned up and am back now. For another thing, we've adopted an 8-week-old kitten after losing two our beloved kitties within 6 months. Busy, busy, busy here -- a happy kind of busy!

Always On Watch said...

Best version ever of "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown"!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks for your reflections Miss AOW. We have looked in on your blog and seen that you have been regularly postin' there so we knew that thin's musta be all right with youse. Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino.

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for checking on me, friend.

I try to post at my blog 1-2 a week.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, you are most welcome ma'am. We're all part of the Dino-conclave of deepest of deep devotion to our most most beloved Dino! Keeps lovin' our one, our only Dino!