Sunday, November 26, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "You Look So Familiar"

Hello, mi amici & welcome back to the show! Haha!!

Hey, pals...guess what I've been doin', all bloody day???
Yard work!
Nothin' more un-appealin' to me than yard work! Haha!!

Oh's that time of year, my friends.

Last minute preppin' for the soon to come wintery days.

BEST thin' to make the BEST of the situation!
Right, pallies?!

So here's what I do.

Simply plug in my ol' earplugs...hit "shuffle" on my Dino playlist...& BAM!

Un-appealin' chores just became some "One on One" time with my Pal amongst Pals! Ha!

The miracles of Dean Martin continue,  people! Haha!!

The funny thin' that struck me, I was goin' 'bout my work...was how quickly the year had flown by!

Seems like I just did these same exact chores, not so long ago!

Some rakin'...some paintin'...some sweepin'.

I actually started thinkin' back to last year, when I was 'memberin' the same exact thin' from the year before that!! Man o man!

Familiar outdoor duties.

Well, thin youse know, I'm lookin' at my leave blower...half hummin'...half singin' that cool cool Dino-ditty, "You Look So Familiar".

"I never thought...I'd ever be caught...usin' an old cliché. Youse looks so familiar." Haha!!

Somethin' like that., anyways. Haha!!

Obviously I couldn't wait to get indoors...on my 'puter...& listen to the whole damn jam!

Yea...Dean sent me 'nother GREAT tune for this week's Serenade, pallies.

Love it when that happens. 

So...without further a due, mi amici di Dino... let's let the master do his thin'!


I never thought...I'd ever be caught
Usin' an old cliche
I'm on a spot...believe it or not
This is all I can think of to say

You look so familiar
Have we ever met before
Everything about you seems to ring a bell
You look so familiar
Have we been this close before
If my heart could talk you'd hear it sing as well
There must be an explanation
What I feel is not imagination
You look so familiar
Now it all comes back it seems
I remember you were in my dreams
I remember you were in my dreams


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks for this deeply delightful Dino-testimonal. As you sez, "one on one time" with our most beloved Dino makes even our chores a beautiful blessing in disguise 'cause we gets to do 'em with our Dino by our side. Thanks for this reverent reminder to seek more swank solace with our Dino..."one on one!" Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our awesomely amazin' DINO!

BlueisCoool said...

It would seem autumn is fast winding down and before you know it you will be seeing the first flakes of snow in the air. As you said it is amazing how fast the year seems to be going by with Thanksgiving gone by it looks like Christmas will be here before you know it. One thing I have never been a fan of is racking leaves, believe it or not we have to do that here in Florida as well, although you don't get the color here as you do in New England. There is no escaping it any place I guess. lol

A wonderful song selection Danny G., it would seem to be perfect since fall seems to always be around the corner. Don't work to hard.

Have a nice week.


Danny G. said...

Hey Scotty my pal! I hear ya’ bro! Rakin’ is the worst! But...likes I said in the Serenade...just use it for some “one on one” time with our pallie, Dean! Get ready for Dino Winter month 2017, my friend! Here it comes!