Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Dino Thanksgiving

Hey pallies, likes the 2017 Day of givin' Dino-thanks is very close at hand now and here is our third yearly  postin'  in deep humble  homage of our most beloved Dino.    From our amazin' Dino-prosin' pallie Ed whose deeply deeply delightful  Dino-thankin'-devotional, "Happy Dino Thanksgiving," was scribed a number of years 'go just for all the faithful gathered here at ilovedinomartin   Likes we are totally totally thrilled to once 'gain brings it your Dino-way.   Here are pallie  Ed's outstandin' Dino-thoughts durin' our season of "Givin' Dino Thanks."

So pallies, likes sits back and relish each and every one of our Dino-phile Ed's heartfelt, remarkably   revelatory  reflections on our Dino, 'cause they are lovin'ly  ladened with the deepest of the deep, the purest of the pure, and the truest of the true Dino-truths.

This year on December 25 it will be  22 long years since our most beloved  Dino walked the earth, but his life and legacy continues to entirely enthrall and courageously  call all us pallies to know, love, and honor our great man more and more each and every Dino-day.

Thanks Ed for sharin' your Dino-thanks with us in such a cool Dino-way.  We trust as you now have the joy of fatherin' your own little boypallies includin' the youngen  you have named after our one and only Dino,  that you are bringin' them up to loves our Dino likes you do.   We so look forward to the day when you will be able to share more of your Dino-hearted prose with all your pallies here at ilovedinomartin.

 Thanks most of all to our Dino...truly we wanna know you, love you, and honor you more each and every Dino-day!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Location? On a stage somewhere, Anytown USA.

Time? When Dino roamed and owned the earth.

Dino: “You know why they call it Plymouth Rock? Those pilgrims backed up their Plymouth into that rock. That’s why they call it Plymouth Rock.”

True Story.
It was Dino that quickly pointed out that America was discovered by a fellow Italian, Amerigo Vespucci. In turn, it was America who discovered Martin, Sinatra, Como, Martino, Bennett, Vale, Laine, Darin, Damone, and Prima. All Italian-American singers who forever changed the American music landscape. Imagine a world without Dean Martin. Elvis has no direction. Sinatra hasn’t a Yin to Yang, and good luck with reviving the Humphrey Bogart-less Holmby Hills Rat Pack. Joey Levitch is still Joey Levitch. Who’s Joey Levitch you ask? Welcome to a Dino-less world. Joey Levitch became Jerry Lewis. The word “cool” would have been forever associated with the weather. The Beatles would still be remembered as being “untouchable”.

Let’s be selfish for a bit. Without Dino, we wouldn't  have seen our fathers settling down in his favorite chair smoking his favorite pipe, spinning his favorite Dino LP. The man who makes my dad happy is the man that makes us happy. Pleasure hasn’t a salesman. Time passes and finds me sitting down in my favorite chair with my favorite beverage, listening to my favorite Dino iPod playlist. Coincidence? Think not my fellow Dino-phile. Dino transcends generations, countries, languages, races, sexes. He touches all! Cool has no color. Cool is ageless. You’re only as far from cool as the nearest Dino LP, CD, book, what have you. If you can’t find cool, pick up a Dino LP, look at it. It’s your cool compass, it always points to cool. Without it you’re never lost pally!

The things in life to be thankful for? Dino said it best..
Tender kisses, nights of bliss. Small moonbeams, sips of wine. Wedding bells, little kids, and dreams to savor. Blessings, man, wife, love and life. Memories are made of this.

Be thankful for those who brought them to you. Return the favor, help make others lives more memorable.

Happy Thanksgiving Pallies!


Danny G. said...

I stand in TOTAL Dino-AWE of Ed's MORE THAN cool cool words! They express my inner most feelins' & echo my quietest personal thoughts, out loud! Feels SO good to be among my fellow Dino-diggin' paisani, here at our humble little blog! My brothers & sisters! My second family! Here's to hopin' youse ALL have a GREAT GREAT COOL COOL & TOTALLY DINO-SWINGIN' kinda Thanksgivin'! Ciao & Salute, pallies!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks for those hugely heartfelt Dino-reflections on our Eddie-o's touchin' 'n tender tribute to our most most beloved Dino. Likes what pure pleasure it is to gather here at our humble little ilovedinomartin blog and speak of our ubber unendin' deeper then deep devotion for our most most beloved Dino and to have someone of our pallie Ed's great gifts to, as you sez Danny, "express (our)inner most feelins' & echo (our) quietest personal thoughts, out loud!" May the blessin's of growin' ever deeper in our Dino continue on and on and on! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!

ed said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pallies!

I just wrapped up another fabulous Thanksgiving, and I hope you did the same.

Making my usual trip down Dino-lane to the blog, and once again honored by the yearly Dino-giving prose to the true Master Of Cool.

Busy, busy, busy pallies, the two kiddo's, the home and the job, but I always have Dino gently on my mind.

Dino-season is just round the corner, the audio flavor tis slowly turning to wintermint, and we all know the voice of the season be DINO! What a great time of year where we can share to the world what we enjoy every day, that being the voice of Dino.

Sleigh bells ring, are ya listenin, in the lane, snow is glistening. Its Dino's time to shine, and I hope to be sharing it with you my pallies!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Ed, thanks for the perfect patter from our dude! Your wonderfully wise words that we are perfectly privileged to share each Givin' Dino Thanks season seems deeper and truer with each and every potent publication! Hopes you will find a little time to share your terrific talent in swankly scribin' such remarkably refreshin' and awesomely amazin' adulation of our most most beloved DINO! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!

Danny G. said...

Ed my pal! So great to hear from you, Dino dude! Hope all is well. ‘Tis the season of Dean!

Always On Watch said...

Beautifully said!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, our pallie Eddie-o is by far the bestest of best Dino-proser we have ever had the pleasure of readin'! Keeps lovin' our one, our only DINO!