Sunday, November 12, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Don't Let The Blues Make You Bad"

Welcome back, my fellow Dino-diggers!

How's thins' this week?

How's the weather in your part of town?

Oh, me?

Oh, how's the weather here in good ol' Massachusetts, youse ask?

Well, mi amici...let's me see...Oh...IT'S BLOODY FREEZIN'!!! Hahaha!!!

Yup...breakin' some old 1903 record or somethin' like that.
REAL cold, pallies.

Hey, guess what, though?

Who cares?!

I'm stayin' indoors.
I have ALL I need right here at home!
Some meatballs...some vino...& PLENTY of Dino tunes!

What's there to want out there?! Haha!!

Oh & pals...I gots  us a REAL cool cool Dino-jam, for today's Serenade, I recently stumbled over.

Real "Dino-inspirin" in ONLY the way Dino could!

Just makes me warm all over...listenin' to Dean's WISE WISE words 'bout handlin' life's little set backs, pallies.

Seems almost every week I keep findin' my way to these kinda tunes.

Youse thinks Dino is tryin' to tell us somethin', pals?
Maybe usin' me as a "Dino-vessel" to gets the message out?!
To Spreadeth the Dino-word, further & the Dino-lovin' masses???!!!

Hey, maybe, my friends.
Dean works in mysterious ways.

Oh well, Hey...either way...its a lotta fun!

So don't be sad or mad...if it's a wee bit chilly out there & DEF I NATE LY..."Don't Let the Blues Make You Bad"!
Stay warm, mi amici!


Don't let the blues make you bad.
It hurts so much to lose,
I know you're sad.
Now you search for fun
you never had.
Oh but don't let the blues
make you bad.

Don't go to far at the bar.
Don't let em' change what you are.
It'll take your baddies of the pain.
Their world and yours...they're not the same.

Don't let the fools tell you lies.
While they hold you close, and say goodbyes.
Your kind of pride they never have.

Don't let the blues make you bad.
Oh. Don't let the blues make you bad.


Danny G. said...

Hey pals...I found a VERY importantante lyrical error! I simply couldn't just sit here & not make a correction! Dino's words are FAR to powerful to be misquoted, my friends!
The correction occurrs on lines 14 & 15.
Dino actually sings..."while they hold you close...sympathize." He leaves the "and" out...but youse gets the point, pals.
There. Now I can sleep tonight. Dean's messages to his followers MUST be accurate! Ha!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks ever so much for this new-to-us Dino-instruction! And, likes thanks for settin' the Dino-record straight 'cause as you sez, "Dean's messages to his followers MUST be accurate!" Thanks for every week pointin' us to more and more incredible inspiration for our most most beloved Dino! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only Dino!