Sunday, January 31, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Mambo Italiano - Club Des Belugas Remix"

Hey there, pallies!
Man o man...Have I got somethin' CRAZY to end January 2016!
Hope youse is ready for this one!
 Let me can I describe this?
 Let's just say Dino has gone techno.
 TOTALLY techno!!! Haha!!

It's a GREAT GREAT & VERY modern take on an old school classic Dean jam!
DEF I NATE LY a lot of fun, mi amici!
 Youse gotta be open minded though, pals.
 Let it resonate for a bit.
 Play it a few times.
Maybe even get a nice glass of vino to sip on. This one might give ya' the rickets! hahaha!!! 

 OK. I cants' wait ANY longer!
I've been jammin' on this one ALL week & am DYIN' to share it with my Dino-Diggin' pallies!

 Today's Serenade, "Mambo Italiano - Club Des Belugas Remix", is sure to get youse movin'! Hopefully NOT into a straight jacket! Haha!!
It's actually VERY cool to keep gettin' these fresh takes on our main man's classic tunes.
Youse can't beat the originals, my friends.'s VERY cool to see how the musical artists of today have respect for these classics.
They KNOW where to start.
  Just goes to prove, once again, that Dean ALWAYS will be the King!
Coolness doesn't fade away, pals.

(A boy went back to Napoli because he missed the scenery)
(The native dances and the charming songs)
(But wait a minute something's wrong)
('cause now it's)
Hey mambo, mambo Italiano hey hey mambo mambo Italiano
Go go go you mixed up Siciliano
All you Calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy with the
Hey mabo don't wanna tarantella
Hey mambo no more mozzarella
Hey mambo mambo Italiano try an enchilada with a fish baccala
Hey goomba I love how you dance the rumba
But take some advice paisano learn-a how to mambo
If you're gonna be a square you ain't-a gonna go anywhere
Hey mambo mambo Italiano hey hey mambo mambo Italiano
Go go Joe shake like a tiavanna
E lo che se dice you get happy in the pizza when you
Mambo Italiano

Hey chadrool you don't-a have to go to school
Just make it with a big bambino
It's like vino
Kid you good-a looking but you don't-a know what's cooking 'til you
Hey mambo mambo Italiano
Hey hey mambo mambo Italiano
Ho ho ho you mixed up Siciliano
E lo che se dice you get happy in the pizza when you
Mambo Italiano




BlueisCoool said...

January is fast sliding to February and what a way to bring it in. What a interesting and up beat remake of a DM song. I really enjoyed it and it certainly gets you moving in the morning. It really is great to hear other artists takes on classic songs. That in itself is a major compliment to Dean! Thank you for a wonderful find and enjoyable posting my friend.

Have a great week.


Always On Watch said...

Very cool!

Always On Watch said...

Is that a photo of our Dino's parents at time marker 1:10?

Danny G. said...

Glad youse guys were so open minded! Haha!! It is VERY cool indeed! Not sure, Ms. AOW. That does look a lot like Dean's pop. Hmmmm...