Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lately I've been enamored by Dean Martin's songs.

Hey pallies, likes recently we were inspired by our Dino to plug his name and the word soothin' into the ol' google search drive which likes led to the new-to-ilovedinomartin site "Cowbird," which describes itself as  "a public library of human experience."  They name their mission  "to gather and preserve exceptional stories of human life, so the insight and wisdom we accumulate as individuals can live on in the commons, as a resource for others to look to for guidance."

We were led there to a story stunnin' scribed by Mr. Sarit Mishra, an artist and native of India, now livin' in the United States.   Mishra's epistle is the tremendously  touchin' tender testimony of how he has come to be deeply deeply delightin' in our most beloved Dino.  And, as we fastly approach Dino-winter-day we has chosen to feature Sarit's  journey to Dino-devotion as our special Dino-winter-day tribute this Dino-season.

Likes each and every pallie that comes to know, love, and honor our Dino has an unique set of experiences that leds 'em to our King of Cool and Mishra's story is especially sweet.  Likes we don't want to takes any thunder away from his tale, but we find it so cool that it begins while he and his wife were walking the streets of Rome.

We are very much touched by the Sarit's sharin' of Dino-awakenin' and know you will be as well.  We find it an especially fittin' tribute to share as we reflect on our Dino's passin' on December 25 in 1995 as Sarit concludes his huge homage by reflectin'....." It would have been swell if he was around these days."  Likes we couldn't agree with him more.

ilovedinomartin takes particular passion in sharin' others'  stories of Dino-discovery and especially when they accent 'nother of today's youth bein' led to Dino, and especially when it is international in Dino-scope.  So, in this Dino-wintery season with Dino-winter-day not far off, we express our deepest of deepest delight to be able to share Mr. Sarit Mishra's  wonderfully wise words of amore for our Dino.  To checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.
Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Lately I've been enamored by Dean Martin's songs. His voice is so soothing and his music so very relaxing. I also listened to Sinatra in the same vein, but though I liked him too, I didn't find him as peaceful as Dino.

My love-story started with "Volare - nil blu di pinto di blu" by Domenico Modugno. I totally fell in love with this song, when I first heard it with my wife. We had spent the day walking around Rome, looking through all all nooks and crannies, the ruins and palaces and the piazzas and fountains.

Thoroughly enervated, we stumbled upon a rustic ristorante very close to where we stayed. It was called Cafe Romantica (or Romantiqa) and true to its name the ambience was beautiful and the food was delicious. I still remember the dreamy old man with his thick spectacles singing ...
"Vo...laare.. oh oh .. Can...taare… oh. oh.. oh.."

I didn't understand a word of it but it was such a sweet song that the tune stuck in my head. Later when I came back home, after a few rounds of googling, I was able to find the original song. And then I found Dean's version of it. It was different from what I heard, not exactly what I had been searching for. But it turned out that I liked Dean's version of the song better than the original one by Modugno. Maybe because it had enough English in it to let me sing along and make it my own. Or maybe it was just Dean's voice that I liked.

I have almost all his hit songs now (and am now searching for all the not-so-hit ones as well). I just love them all. His voice is so melodious and deep that you don't even need the music. In fact at times, the music is a distraction that I wish that I could remove. His songs are a way for me to slow down, take a deep breath, relax and maybe sing along and momentarily forget the stresses of daily life. And if I'm driving in traffic, I magically don't care anymore if the car behind me overtakes me to race to the red-light ahead.

And then his jokes and other antics are so endearing. His shows are filled with his style and personality. No wonder he's called the king of cool. It would have been swell if he was around these days.

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