Monday, December 01, 2014

I can listen to Dean Martin all day long singing about Rudy (a reindeer), Ol' Saint Nick, and being cold.

Hey pallies, likes man-o man dudes, likes we can't believe that it is already December 1 and time to start our special Dino-winter-month sharin' leadin' up to the most bittersweet of days for all Dino-holics everywhere....December 25, Dino-winter-day...the anniversary of the day that our most beloved Dino departed the planet in 1995.   As usual, our Dino-winter-month sharin' with be a grand mix of Dino-winter-prose, Dino-winter-croons, and some cool cool Dino-stuff that woulda be worthy of giftin' your fav Dino-hiles with in remembrance of Dino-winter-day.

Likes we are thrilled to begin our month of Dino-honorin' posts with one that has escaped our Dino-searchin' for likes over 7 years.  From the new-to-ilovedinomartin blog "28 Sherman - The place you will always long for but never be able to go," comes the Dino-riffic post"Dean Martin's "Baby It's Cold Outside" scribed by an absolutely-sold-out-to-Dino blogger tagged "Son of Brock Landers."

And, likes how do we knows that "SOBL" is totally totally Dino-addicted....simply by readin' this stunnin'ly stellar scribin' scribed review of that greatest of great Dino-wintery croons, "Baby It's Cold Outside."  Son of Brock Landers has written three powerfully potent paragraphs devoted to each of the three verses of this Dino-croon, givin' his in depth Dino-observations on the Dino-actions takin' place.

Furthermore, Son of Brock Landers so so openly, so so boldly, and so so candidly shares his perfect passion for our Dino with these awesome words....."I'm a big Dean Martin fan. Smooth voice, smooth style, class, great hair, and smooth with the ladies."  We are truly pleased as punch to be able to open our Dino-winter-month '14 with what we consider one of the bestest of best Dino-wintery homages ever....just so so sorry that it took us so so many years to discover it!

ilovedinomartin salutes Son of Brock Landers for this perfect post of Dino-adulation to gets us off to the coolest of cool starts to Dino-winter-month.  Likes to checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.   Dino-swingin', DMP

 btw pallies, likes we are includin' a youtube clip with some cool Dino-pixs of our great great man singin' this great great winter croon!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dean Martin's "Baby It's Cold Outside"

All through my childhood and right up to this very day, I have had a weird relationship with Christmas music. Most of it sounds corny. Most of it is a rehash of another artist's work. Most of it is so lame. Still, there's something nice when it's December, cold, nightime, firelight flickering, the tree is up, cookies are out, and a familiar tune is playing in the background. Sometimes the moment hits, and I love hearing a Christmas song. My mom destroyed Christmas music when I was growing up by playing it from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. It's in her blood, my Memere does the same thing. Despite the pain of listening to Randy Travis' version of Christmas classics or Madonna's "Santa Baby" growing up, I did find a crew of singers that I could listen to sing music non-stop: the Rat Pack. Above all others, I can listen to Dean Martin all day long singing about Rudy (a reindeer), Ol' Saint Nick, and being cold. The song that tops them all, and it's not a Christmas song, just a Winter themed song, is "Baby It's Cold Outside".

Let's break this song down: it is about Dean trying to get laid. How do I know? Listen to the lyrics. It's sung as a conversation between two young people who are courting, with the cheery 1950s female backup singers (probably all wearing garter belts and silk stockings) playing the role of the lady to Dean's bachelor. In the first verse, the female states twice, I've got to leave. She invokes the maternal worry & paternal threat to keep Dean at bay. What keeps her there? Maybe she'll have "just a half a drink more". Dean obliges. One of the very next lines is "Say, what's in this drink?". Obviously, Dean is trying hard to get her drunk to take advantage of her '50s style. The whole time Dean is coming up with comebacks to all of her excuses for leaving, and complimenting her at every turn. This is a way of picking up women known as the "Rule of 3". Three drinks or three compliments will usually get you to leave with a lady. The key to this whole verse is the line that the lady sings "at least I'm going to say that I tried", which implies that she is going to give in and get down (score one for Dean!) and knows he'll talk about it around town. Jerk.

Now let's take a moment to mention that in the crappy Rod Stewart-Dolly Parton remake from a couple years ago, they removed the half a drink more line. What? Two adults can't talk about how the woman drank a bit and made a mistake with a man? This is too shocking? Stupid. We've swung so far PC that the pendulum swing back will probably be very nasty.

What's great about the second verse is that this female part mentions three relatives in the second half: sister, brother, and maiden aunt (who is vicious). Who the fuck has a maiden aunt? Was she a school teacher who had to remain single as long as she taught? Is she some old mother hen that cockblocks swinging cats like Dean Martin? She couldn't find a man of her own so she hounds her niece? Ungh. Dean counters this by talking about her delicious lips twice. In the Dean version, the female sings "just a cigarette more", YEAHHHHHHHH! Awesome reference, back when smoking was an adult and supposedly glamourous thing to do. (Of course, the Stewart version does not says cigarette because adults deciding to smoke with their free will is bad). Beautiful touch to the song. Really sets the mind's film reel in motion.

The last verse has the lady asking for a comb, because they got frisky and she doesn't want her hair looking mussed up. I think after the delicious lips and cigarette references, we know why her hair is mussed up. Dean's like, why leave? We can get down again. She mentions the neighbors will talk or even just hint at things to be inferred by others. People were cooler then; now they'd just say "Jenny got drunk & phucked Dean last night, untz". Now, the coolest detail of the song is when Dean is replying to the tomorrow and implied lines he sings "think of my life long sorrow", like her shutting him down would wound him so much (skank), and then the topper "if you caught pneumonia and died". He's throwing the Hail Mary pass here, trying to get her to stay by making her fear death. I'm pretty sure at Brown University, what Dean and this girl do is considered rape.

****I'm a big Dean Martin fan. Smooth voice, smooth style, class, great hair, and smooth with the ladies. Look at the photo I attached in this post. Dean's hugging his girl. Dean's a good guy. He drew her in so tight that he could check out another girl without his main squeeze noticing. He's liked "oh yeah, i got a girl, i'm dependable, women, you can trust me". All the while, he's using that as bait for his lady train. Nice taste Dean, both ladies are foxy.

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Danny G. said...

Hahaha!!! I LOVE IT!!! This pal TRULY gets our swingingest pallie, Dean! DEF I NATE LY a follower in the teachins' of Dino! Great Great find DMP!!!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes per usual, your thoughts Danny-o are right on the ab-so-lute Dino-mark! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!