Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dino-homagin' with Stella G.

(Ed's notes:  Hey pallies, likes we gotta one of the most most special Dino-wintery-day posts for all youse Dino-holics on this 20th day of Dino-winter-month.  From our totally Dino-addicted pallie Danny G. of  "Sunday Serenade With Dino" fame, whose date of birth just happens to be this very day, December 20, comes a cool collection of words 'bout his girlpallie Stella G. and how her Dino-gingerbread man has inspired some pallie's creativity to manufacture an item that has been listed on Amazon.

Danny-o Stella story-o is below, and if you clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram, youse will find how Stella's Dino-cookie is bein' featured on Amazon.  Congratulations to Danny G. on 'nother birthday and to his girlpallie Stella G. growin' Dino-fame!   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP)

Once upon a time...many MANY years ago...actually I thinks it twas' the year of Dino 2010...Hahaha!

The land was in the midst of Dino-Winter month...and there was a little Dino-girlpallie that went by the SWINGIN'EST nick-name of Ms. Stella G. Well snowy cancelled...Stella & family decided to make some AB SO LUTE LY YUMMY gingerbread cookies! Now pals...Stella KNEW...that her daddy-o, Danny G., was TO TAL LY FLIPPED on that Hippest of Hipsters...Mr. Dean Martin. So she decided to make a MASTERPIECE for dear ol' Dad...A Dino-Ginger Man!!! So pallies...that's just what she did! It was cool! It was hip! It was YUMMY...lookin'.

NO WAY Dad would eat this BEA U TI FUL work of Dino-art! Well Ol pals o' this very day, that SPECIAL cookie sits in my office...behind my desk. I'm SO SO proud of my girlpallie! But wait!!! The story don't end there!!! Some how! Some way! Maybe even some Christmas miracle!!!

Haha!! OK...I'm probably over-doin' it...again. Ha! Anyway...some mystery Dino-holic out there, musta seen a pic of this SWINGIN' Dino-Ginger Man...on our humble little blog...& used it to help SWAY the masses to purchase his Iphone covers & accessories! Haha! My little Stella G. & her Dino-inspired Gingery-creation are FAMOUS!!! Well..kinda.

So pallies...that's my Gingerbread Dino-story. Hopes youse got A Kick In The Head outta it! Ha!
Ciao Pals!

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