Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Welcome to the world of Helm

Hey pallies, likes times for some 'fessin' up Dino-style.  Just 'bout everyday we tries our best to do our 20 pages of google Dino-blog searchin' lookin' high and low for great Dino-devotion to pass on to all youse Dino-devottes.  Likes some days we comes up with nothin' new to share and some days we strike the jack pot and finds a plethora of great great Dino-treasure to pass on to you.

We would likes to say that we create full Dino-posts for each and every piece of Dino-homage that we locate, but often we only have the time to create a "draft post" that is often no more then simply a link to the Dino-find.  Of course, likes we then hopes to find the time and energy to return to these drafts and turn them into full Dino-reports.  Well, at this time ilovedinomartin has over 700 of these drafts to complete.  So youse can see that we have fallen way behind on 'em.

So, startin' today we are goin' to start revisitin' our drafts and share many of  these yet-to-be-published posts with ya.  For starts we go to our pallie Rock Baker's very cool blog "A Slice Of Cheesecake" for some Dino-action a la Matt Helm.  Rock's bio tells us that he is a cartoonist and "I'm a pencil jockey by trade. I've done work for AC Comics, Main Enterprises, and Moonstone, among others. Some of my regular strips include DINOSAUR GIRL (AC Comics, creator/writer/pencils), ROWENA (AC, regular pencils), and BETSY THE BOOKWRITER (Main, co-creator, writer, pencils). My specialty is cheesecake cartooning (what they call 'good girl art' these days)."

We have shared Rock's Dino-devotion a la Helm before, actually 'bout six months 'go on March 10 when we were delighted to share some images from the Matt Helm calendar for '68 and '69.  It was at that time that we created a draft for Rock's post tagged "Welcome to the world of Helm" that we are finally sharin' with youse today.

Pallie Rock has assembled some great great images of our Dino as Matt Helm from Helmers numero uno and duo, and tres, "The Silencers" and "Murders Row, and "The Ambushers."  What we have are a mixture of awesome  advert pixs and swank stills from the first three flicks.  Likes faithful ilovedinomartin readers knows that we can't ever ever gets 'nough of our Dino and company in Columbia's big screen Matt Helm efforts!

We salute Mr. Rock Baker and his coolest of cool blog, "A Slice Of Cheesecake" for accentin' our most beloved Dino in this way and sharin' his delight in our Dino with his readership.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Dino-diggin', DMP

Welcome to the world of Helm

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