Sunday, September 28, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Mean To Me"

Welcome back, Ol pals o mine! Happy Fall!

I actually REALLY dig this time of year, pallies! It's cool cool's kooky spooky's yummy yum pies!!!
The ONLY thin' I DON'T dig 'bout Autumn...ALL THE RAKIN'!!! Hahaha!!! Leaves! Yuck!  O well....guess youse can't win em' all.

Told youse before what to do...just throw some Dino in your headphones & get some quality ALONE time with Dean! Haha! Leave blowin' never seemed SO SO cool!!! Yes sir!

Anyway pals, gots us a REALLY jammin' tune, for today's Serenade, that's gonna get this season SWINGIN'!
"Mean To Me" is such a fun fun tune! I know, I know!!! Sounds crazy to say that 'bout a song with that title...but...don't forget pallies...we ARE talkin' 'bout DINO here! Haha!!

It STILL amazes me how Dean can make me smile EVEN when he's singin' the blues! HaHa!!

OK. Let's do this! Get those rakes ready! Grab some spiked cider & get your Fall groovin'! Hahaha!!! Enjoy!


You're mean to me
Why must you be mean to me
Gee honey, it seems to me you love to see me crying
I don't know why
I stay home each night when you say you'll phone
You don't and I'm left alone
Singing the blues and sighing

You treat me coldly each day of the year
You always scold me whenever somebody is near
Dear, it must be great fun to be mean to me
You shouldn't for can't you see what you mean to me
It must be great fun to be mean to me
You shouldn't for can't you see what you mean to me


blueiscoool said...

I am a bit late this week to Sunday's show but it was worth the wait. What a wonderful up beat song and it seems perfect for Autumn.

Thank you for a wonderful selection and all your hard work as always Danny G.


Danny G. said...

My pleasure pal! Glad youse enjoyed!