Sunday, September 14, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Every Minute, Every Hour"

 Hey there pals! What's shakin'? Youse in the mood for some SWEET SWEET Dino-croonin'? Great! Me too!

Found us a smooth smooth tune on Dean's 1964 al b um, "The Door Is Still Open To My Heart". It was SO SO pretty that it popped up 'gain on his "Greatest Hits! Volume 1" al b um! VERY deservingly too pals. 

Today's Serenade, "Every Minute, Every Hour", is CLASSIC Dean. It tells that TIMELESS tale of some smitten fella pledgin' his undyin' love for some special chickalina. So nice! Haha!

See pals...Dino was a hopeless romantic just as much as he was a swingin' ladies man! Hahaha! That's our Dean! He's got that formula down to a science!
Man...Dino should've gave a course in the ways of love! Hahaha! OK pallies...I'm gettin' CRAZY now! Let's get to the tune!

I'm thinkin' a little vino should go perfecto with this one. Go grab a glass & take some notes! Professor Martin's class is 'bout to begin! Enjoy!

Every minute every hour my love grows in every way
Every minute every hour that's the way it goes every day
How I wish the days were longer every minute one more thrill
Every hour it goes stronger and it always will
I'll live for tomorrow when I know what's in store
I can be sure tomorrow will be sweeter than before
I'll do all within my power just to keep all brand new
Every minute every hour I'll spend loving you
Every minute every hour I'll spend loving you


Always On Watch said...

One of Ken Lane's tunes?

blueiscoool said...

What a sweet sounding song for Sunday!

A very good choice as always.

Have a great week ahead.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o..."Every minute every hour my love grows in every way" for our most beloved Dino.
What a great song to each of us Dino-holics to homage our most most beloved Dino! Keeps lovin' our great great man!

Danny G. said...

Thanks fellas! Yes Ms. AOW...I believe that great great tune was co-wrote by our bestest pallie's pallie, Mr. Ken Lane. True gem!