Sunday, September 07, 2014

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Baby O"

What's shakin' pallies?! Hope youse ready for 'nother swingin' Sunday with our BESTEST of the BEST pals...DINO!!!
I gots us a real GEM for this BEA U TI FUL & SUNNY day!
Man o man...I CANNOT BELIEVE...we are a week deep into September! Fall is on the way!
Couldn't tell from the weather though, pallies...feels more like July 'round here than July did!!! Hahaha!!! Crazy  Ol' New England!

Well pals...schools back in session for my little Dino-holics & I PROMISED my wee Dino-girl, Stella G., that I would use her AB SO LUTE fave Dino-tune for today's Serenade.
"Baby-O" has been her "go to" Dino-jam ever since the days of car seats & baby bubbas! Hahaha!

Stella learned A LOT drivin' 'round with dear ol' Dad!
Well pallies...I am SO SO proud of BOTH my wee ones...followin' in the "G" family footsteps with their love for The King of Cool! ALL the Dino-diggin' kiddies out there...ALWAYS 'member...stay in school...respects your elders...& MOST of all...KEEPS LOVIN' OUR DINO!!! Hahaha!!! This ones for youse! Enjoy!          

Baby-O You I Dig
Like-a the most ooh really big
Love the shape of your brow
Love your ooh Love your ah, Love your wow

Baby-O Tell Me True
Could you go for me too
Cross your heart if it's so
That you're my hope to die Baby-O

Baby-O you won't quit
Like I mean this is it
Love your mad Swinging pad
You know what you're a nut and I'm glad
That's a nice

Ah Baby-O May I fly
In a plane through the sky
Writing words just to show
That you're my ten mile high Baby-O

Baby-O sugarplum
You are so yummy yum
Plus to wit and whereas
Tres jolie etc
And all o that jazz

Ahh Baby-O there are laws
So I wrote to old Santy Claus
Under my mistletoe
Just for one, please leave one


blueiscoool said...

What a great selection for Sunday - the weather and day can't get any better then it is.

Thank you for a wonderful Sunday selection from Dino!

Have a great week.


Always On Watch said...

Another one that makes you want to tap your foot!

Thanks for yet another great memory, Danny!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o you gotta be the bestest of the best Dino-daddy-o to gotten Stel and Nicky hooked on our most beloved Dino at such tender ages.
Would loves to hear some patter from youse 'bout your boy and girl pallies devotion to our King of Cool! Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!

Danny G. said...

Thanks pals! Glad youse dig this jam as much as we do...& as usual...the pleasure is ALL mine!