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Brad Spurgeon
Hey pallies, likes we are thrilled to yet 'gain shares with your more internationale Dino-devotion.  Today we visit with Mr. Brad Spurgeon, who has had a  "career in journalism and writing," and who uses said talents scribin' his self-tagged blog, "Brad Spurgeon's Blog - A world of music, auto racing, travel, literature, chess, wining, dining and other crazy thoughts…."

In his September 18 post, Spurgeon writes 'bout time spent in Singapore and lookin' for some music action in the local bar scene.  As you pallies will read, Brad happened 'pon a bar where the 51 -year career crooner Mr. Ernesto Valerio was holdin' forth, and it is clear by Spurgeon's written words that he was delighted by what he heard sayin' that Valerio...." won me over entirely."

Likes you maybe wonderin' where our Dino comes in.  Well, Ernesto Valerio has been known for decades as "The Dean Martin Of Singapore."  Now, likes how cool is that Dino-holics o'mine?!?!?!
Likes if you listens to the third vid clip that Brad has provided youse gets to hear Ernesto croonin' just a wee bit of our most beloved Dino's most beloved signature song, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime," and likes you can hear Valerio awesome affection for our King of Cool as he sings.

How how happy we here at ilovedinomartin are to learn of 'nother dude who's into deep, pure, and true Dino-interpretation and we thanks Mr. Brad Spurgeon for sharin' this post with his readership and puttin' the larger Dino-world onto 'nother extraordinary entertainer who is into Dino-emulation.
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 September 18, 2014


Ernesto Valerio

SINGAPORE – I started out feeling really disappointed when I arrived at the Actors Jam Bar only to discover that it is open now only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings for the jam sessions, and the rest of the week it is free only to organized private events. It was always a mainstay for me, no matter what night of the week. Unless my memory fails. In any case, that was the disappointment. What turned it all around was that as I was making my way back to the hotel on Mosque Street I saw a bar I had not noticed int the past, and it advertised live music. I could see the stage, it looked very professional, very cool, there was a bass guitar and a semi-acoustic, both in stands, and the music was soon to pick up again.

I had the time to go off and find a desert of ice cream to cool off my burning mouth from the street food I’d just eaten next to the Actors Jam Bar, and then I decided to make my way back up the street to have a whiskey and check out the music in this bar. I walk into the place, and I find a bass player and lead player/singer, onstage, playing beautiful jazz with a light touch, and the lead player, a man in his 60s, greets me, right in the middle of the song. Cool!

I take a seat in front of the stage, and bit by bit my attention is taken deeper into this man’s music, his deft touch on the guitar, the great rhythm between him and the bass player, and finally, most surprisingly, the sudden appearance of his voice. I am not a big fan of deep, worn, whiskey-washed voices – even less interested in such voices that sing blues in bars all over the world and on Tom Waits records. (I love Waits, but mostly the early stuff.) But here I found something I’ve never really seen before: This whiskey washed voice of the man I was to learn is named Ernesto Valerio, a Singaporean musician who has played in bars in the city-state for 51 years, may have its limitations, but his feeling and his ability to temper the voice in all sorts of different keys and needs and sounds, just won me over entirely.

From a soft, pseudo high pitch to its more natural lower zone, the voice expressed an inner love of music that is rare. And his guitar playing, the beautiful fingerpicking and lead stuff and wide spread of jazz and pop and other modes – even Chinese, I learned later – just made him the consummate guitarist. And he is also a showman. I had to speak to the guy afterwards. That’s where I found out that Ernesto has been playing in Singapore for 51 years, and that he is now 67 years old.

“I still just love it,” he said of playing music in front of audiences.

That was clear. And the audience loves it too.

But it was in returning back to the hotel that the story broadened. I just had to do a little search on Ernesto Valerio, now that I had his name. That led me to seeing that he is a well-known local performer, indeed, who has rubbed shoulders with the best of them here, and who has had a nice spread of media attention, who is often called “the Dean Martin of Singapore.” He used to play in a group in the early 60s, but soon went solo because he just didn’t like having to deal with other musicians. (His duet with the bass player is remarkably full sounding, by the way.)


As I read on, I saw a connection between Ernesto and a guitarist I had met in March of 2012 in Kuala Lumpur: Paul Ponnudorai. I had met this guy Paul, briefly, at a bar venue in Kuala Lumpur where I had played. Paul, I did not know at the time, was an internationally respected guitarist who had played with people like Billy Cobham, Tuck & Patti, and Wynton Marsalis and many others. I had been introduced to Paul after I played a set at Rockafellas and I had no idea what a great guitarist this guy was, and how basic my guitar playing must have looked to him by comparison. But he was a cool, simple, unassuming man. It turned out that Paul Ponnudorai, at 51, had only a few months to live, as he died in the summer of organ failure, and that was the end of a man they called Malaysia’s greatest guitarist, and sometimes, even the world’s greatest….

 Ernesto Valerio through a glass

The point of this, is that Paul Ponnudorai had at first been trained by this man Ernesto. Some say Ernesto then later became a disciple of Paul! But why I mention all of this on this blog, is because all these links coming together, these meetings with remarkable musicians in KL and Singapore (located on the Malaysian peninsula) have helped me draw a picture in my mind of a fabulously thriving musical scene in this part of the world that only the lack of an adequate publicity machine keeps secret from the rest of the world.

The Malaysia/Singapore musical world is closely tied, and fabulously populated by guitarists, bassists (Andy Peterson) and an a fabulous collection of beautiful vocalists. Looking forward to learning more over the next few days….


Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

He is the same Ernesto Valerio who appeared in our Silver Strings 50th Anniversary Show at RELC International Hotel at Orchard on August, 16th, 2014. Check my postings. Great singer and guitarist too.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes how cool is that Andy...we will checks out your patter for sure. Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!