Sunday, January 10, 2016

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "June In January"

Welcome back, mi amici.
Man o man...thinks I'm losin' it, pals o' mine.

Sumthin' just don't feel right!
Can I ask youse a VERY serious question?
 Coulda sworn I just heard the weatherman say it's gonna be 55 degreezies today!
 Am I still sleepin', pals?
 Did I wake up in some crazy Twilight Zone episode?

This can't be right!
 Has Mother Nature been hittin' the bottle again, pallies?! Haha!!

 O well...what am I squakin' 'bout anyway?
 I'll take this warm, rainy day ALL Winter long!

Don't really make much difference to my Dino jams to keeps me Swoonin' 'til Spring! Ha!

 As a matter o' facto...don't feel too much like January...does it?
Kinda feels like...dare I say it...June!
 Hey, guess what?!
Yup...gots the PER FEC TO tune for today's Serenade!
 "June In January"! Hahaha!!!
Did youse know I was gonna say that? Haha!!
O well,'s TRUE!
 Just fits the occasion SO SO perfectly!

Plucked us this ripe little plum off my FAVE Dino Winter al b um..."Winter Romance".
 Notice I said "Winter" & not "Christmas"?
No Rudy or Frosty on this record, my friends. Just GREAT GREAT seasonal jams.
  Ahhh...thanks again, Dean. Always thinkin' 'bout his pals.
We can spin this vinyl 'til April! Yes indeedy!
 OK boys & girls...let's get to some Dino croonin'!
 Now pallies...this is VERY smooth smooth & romantic kinda tune.
 Youse may just wanna find a VERY special somebody to shares it with.

 Don't worry though, pals...if your solo...a nice glass of vino makes GREAT company as well! Ha!


It's June in January
Because I'm in love
It always is spring in my heart
With you in my arms
The snow is just white blossoms
That fall from above
And here is the reason, my dear
Your magical charms
The night is cold
The trees are bare
But I can feel the scent of roses in the air
It's June in January
Because I'm in love
But only because I'm in love with you
(The night is cold)
(The trees are bare)
But I can feel the scent of roses in the air
It's June in January
Because I'm in love
But only because I'm in love with you


blueiscoool said...

A sweet sounding DM tune and perfect for Sunday here in New England. It started off pretty cold in January and today it is in the 50's. Who can figure that one out but thank God it is or we would be buried in the white stuff with all the rain we have received today. I am sure old man winter will be visiting us and soon enough.

Thank you Danny G. for another winning tune!

Have a nice week.


Danny G. said...

Thanks pallie! You are right with that one, Scott! Woulda been a blizzard! Haha!!