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Hey pallies, likes it's the end of the joyous month of June, and as we have been powerfully ponderin' just where to place our final awesome accent on our month long coolest of cool celebration of The Day That Coolness Came To Earth, we have chosen to once 'gain share our potently personal perspective on our Dino's amazin' descent   to our planet, The Day That Coolness Came To Earth, that we first posted here on the centennial anniversary of our most beloved  Dino's birth three Dino-years 'go.

We tagged that post NEVER FORGET DINO and it follows below.  We gotta 'fess up that our love for our Dino continues to grow with each new Dino-day  and we continue our mission passionately of doin' our little part of makin' sure that the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino continue to be lifted up so that truly truly WE WILL NEVER EVER FORGET DINO!

Hey pallies, likes it's here pallies....the centennial celebration of THE DAY THAT COOLNESS CAME TO EARTH.  It is exactly one hundred years ago this very Dino-day that our most most beloved Dino descended to our planet, bein' born in Stuebenville, Ohio, the first born child of  Italian Gaetano Alfonso Crocetti and   Angela Barra Crocetti.

Touchin' 'n tender tributes have begun powerfully pourin' in from all parts of the known Dino-world, and we are simply doin' our best to gets the lovin' links recorded in draft format, and as time permits to gets 'em swankly shared with pertinent patter scribed by us for all your Dino-readin' enjoyment. Likes we are now guessin' that these huge huge homages of our one and only Dino will pour into at least July, if not August and September as we hopes to share each and everyone with all youse Dino-philes!

Likes we have waited long for this day to come, and truth be told pallies, we have pondered long and hard what we here at ilovedinomartin woulda shares with other Dino-holics who gather 'round this humble little Dino-waterin' hole.  What oughta be ilovedinomartin's unique contribution to our reverent remembrance of the life, times and teachin's of our Dino.

Well, we ain't gonna tries to gives youse more facts and figures 'bout the life and times of our King of Cool, but openly opine 'bout just how cool our Dino was, is, and will ever be!  It is our thought that our Dino grew hipper, randier and cooler throughout his life....and stays that way in our hearts forever.  We are of the opinion that our Dino's coolness peaked sometime in the early seventies as his personal persona became completely congruent with performance persona.

We hold that our Dino's  journey to complete coolness was absolutely  accelerated by an event in October of 1969 and he never looked back.  It was in 'Vegas baby 'Vegas...our Dino's playground that he consented to have his pix taken with the then Miss USA, Miss Gail Renshaw, and after havin' dinner with her, he was absolutely smitten and made plans to break his ties with his second wife, Jeanne.

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While his amorin' of Miss Renshaw cooled in a few months.....Dino eventually moved on to  makin' the scene with Miss Cathy Mae Hawn, who would become wife numero three.  Our Dino traded early to bed, early to rise (for golfin') for makin' the scene with Cathy at such swingin' spots as the Candy Store Discotheque.  Our Dino in this total total transformation of cool chose to wear the mod fashions of the day, let his hair grow longer, likes 'specially his sideburns and even changed the color of his hair.

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These changes are deeply  documented on episodes of his television show from 1970 onward.  Today. on this coolest of cool awesome anniversary of THE DAY THAT COOLNESS CAME TO EARTH, we are goin' to share what we consider to be an extraordinary example of just how cool our Dino became....sharin' with all youse Dino-holics a Portrait Of A Swinger....Dino '72, awesomely accentin' a Dino-croon from the exquisite episode that aired on .November 23, 1972.

We gotta 'fess up that the seeds of our Centennial Celebration Post began on Sunday, April 23 of this Dino-year when our bestest of best Dino-bro, Danny-o posted his wonderful weekly edition of his Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade With Dino accentin' our swingin' Dino croonin' "Then I'll Be Happy" which you can locate  HERE.
In his swank scribin's our Dino-holic bro Danny sez......

"So...we ALL know...our FEARLESS leader, Dino Martin Peters, TOTALLY digs our Dino bein' his COMPLETELY "RANDIEST"...as he puts it...durin' the 70's. Haha!!

I loves his Dino-descriptions!

Now, pals o mine...it just so happens...I may have stumbled upon a Dino-tune that I aints EVER 'member hearin' before!

It's FUN!
IT'S...IT'S...SWINGINLY 70's!!!

You can see how much fun Dean was havin' at this time of his life!
The "blonde" years...as I call them. Haha!!

I pulled it from Dino's show circa 1972."

We, likes, of course, were marvelously moved by our Danny-o's touchin' 'n tender thoughts, and likes of course greatly greatly grooved on the Dino-croon, which is truly our Dino at his coolest of cool, hippest of hip, randiest of randy.  So, likes that took us on a Dino-search to see what else we coulda finds from the Dino-episode from which "Then I'll Be Happy" came from.

Animated GIF

Likes that special search led us to yet 'nother youtube Dino-vid featurin' the entire episode that first aired on the peacock channel on November 23, 1972 and we featured it in the April 27 post found  HERE.  Well, likes pallies as we were lost in the deepest of deep Dino-wonder as we viewed swank segments of that vid, we fell head-over-heels in Dino-rapture as we watched our most most beloved Dino croonin' the Italiano tune, "Non Dimenticar."

Likes, to our way of Dino-thinkin' this is our Dino at the potently powerfully pinnacle of his makin' his personal persona coolly coolly completely congrugent with his performance  persona.  We feature a terrific trio of the grooviest of groovy gifs from our Dino's live perfect performance....as he pontently pauses to light his Kent cigarette, as he extraordinarily entrances us with his wry look and irresistible glance, and as he completely coolly completes the croon and takes a deep draw on his smoke.....while wearin' his signature tux and sportin' his modishly long side burns....our swingest of swingin' swinger Dino.

So on this 100th Anniversary of THE DAY THAT COOLNESS CAME TO EARTH, we share with youse what we boldly believe is one of the bestest of best examples of our most beloved Dino at his perfect peak of coolness, hipness, and randier then randy.....croonly his virile version of "Non Dimenticar."

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We looked up the lyrics of this stunnin' song and learned that "Non Dimenticar" means "never forget," so it is the potently powerful perfect song to share on this amazin' anniversary of our Dino's descent to our planet.  WE WILL NEVER EVER FORGET OUR MOST BELOVED DINO, and WHAT HE MEANS TO US!  YOU HAVE COMPLETELY CAPTURED OUR HEARTS AND WILL HOLD 'EM FOREVER!  Below are the lovin' lyrics that speaks of our deepest of deep devotion to our one and only Dino

"Non Dimenticar"

Non Dimenticar means don't forget your heart my darling
Don't forget to be all you mean to me

Non Dimenticar my love is like a star my darling
Shining bright and clear
Just because you're here

Please do not forget that our lips have met
And I held you tight dear
Was it dreams ago
My heart felt this glow only just tonight dear

Non Dimenticar although you travel far my darling
It's my heart you'll own so I'll wait alone
Non Dimenticar
Non Dimenticar although you travel far my darling
It's my heart you'll own so I'll wait alone Non Dimenticar

On this day of the coolest of cool celebration of the 100th anniversary of our Dino's descent to  us, we  offer our awe-filled appreciato to our Danny-o, who started us on this Dino-quest, and, of course, our deepest of deep devotion to our Dino, the first, last, and only  reason for ilovedinomartin bein' 'round. Likes, of course, you will note that we have also included the vibrant vid of our Dino croonin' "Non Dimenticar" for your Dino-viewin' Dino-pleasure.

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters


Danny G. said...

Hey, pallie o' mine...man, what a job youse did! Youse managed to round up our main man's cool cool presence on this planet...in one last potent postin'! Hittin' some key facts & sharin' some awesome pics & vids! TRULY this year's "The Day That Coolness Came To Earth" month long celebration,..was one of the best! It is without doubt...that all of us, here, at our swingin' kinda blog...will NEVER FORGET DINO! Salute!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks youse very Dino-much. Thanks for all your coolest of cool contributions Dino-week in, Dino-week out to do you potent part to makes sure that we never ever forget the man we love, crave, and wanna emulate....our most most most beloved DINO!