Sunday, June 07, 2020

Danny G's SPECIAL Happy Birthday Sunday Serenade with Dino: "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby"

Well... hey there, pallies o' long I been on?

That's our pal!
The Birthday boy himself!

Always makin' us laugh...always keepin' our toes tappin'...always leavin' us wantin' for more!

It's just a gift that certain...rare...people have.
Dino number one, has that gift.

When the song is windin' down...I gotta hit replay. When the movie is endin'...I keep it recorded.

He's just that kinda guy, mi amici.

We ALWAYS want Dean 'round.

He makes the days better...funner.
He makes the night cool & comfortable.

I 'member growin' up.
Just gettin' my very first tastes of Dino.
Watchin' Martin & Lewis flicks on a Saturday afternoon, with my Dad.
I loved how they made him laugh.
That made ME laugh!

I caught on quick that there was somethin' special 'bout this guy.
He was funny.
He was handsome.
He was Italian, like we were.
And man o man...if my Dad liked him...then I liked him!

That was it!
Dean Martin was now MY guy, too.

As I got older, I started gettin' more & more into the tunes.

Started, obviously, with the "That's Amore" type tunes.
"Everybody Loves Somebody".
The Dino "basics".

But as years went by...I started diggn' deeper into his music.
The stuff that was on "side 2'.
Those were the Dino-jams that really grabbed me.
The albums that had a certain theme.
"Dino Latino"... "French Style"..."Dream with Dean"..."Italian Love Songs"..."Sleep Warm"..."The Reprise Years".
I could go on for an hour!
These melodies & beats sucked me in & put me into some kinda bliss-filled coma!

I couldn't stop listenin'!
They were the bestest sounds I've ever heard, pals!

Youse know what I mean.
I don't have to tell you 'bout the power of Dean's voice.

Next in my life was my interest in TRULY gettin' to know Dino.

Readin' 'bout his life.
Learnin' 'bout his ups & downs...his good habits...& bad.
How perfectly "imperfect" he was.
He was just like us.
A regular fella.
A "personality", as he put it.

Yes, my friends...Dean Martin is my kinda guy.
I'll leave it at that.

So, as we celebrate today...& all month long,
Spinnin' some Serenades for "The Day Coolness Came to Earth"...let's keep Dino in mind.
In our hearts.
In our souls.

He was a rare find, mi amici.

One like won't ever be 'round this way 'gain.

Happy Birthday, pallie!
I can say without a doubt..."You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby"!



BlueisCoool said...

I can't believe that it is Dean Martin's birthday once again, this past year has simply flown by. A special day to say the least! A wonderful song and the perfect way to celebrate, a song from the main man himself. A great selection as always Danny G!

Have a nice week.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o what a touchin' 'n tender trib to our most most beloved Dino on his swankly special 103rd birthday remembrance. Thank for fabulously relatin' your joyful journey to knowin', lovin', and followin' our main man. Thanks for your wonderfully weekly Dino-croon columns. You have a keen knack for pickin' just like the remarkably right Dino-croon each and every Sunday. And your powerfully potent patter filled with the deepest of deep Dino-adulation is so so special. We gotta 'fess up that we sweetly stand in awe, in awe of your amazin' awe of our King of Cool. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our mighty marvelous majestic DINO!

Danny G. said...

My utmost extreme-est pleasure, my pals! Glad youse dug!