Sunday, June 28, 2020

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons"

Welcome back, mi amici!

How's Summer 2020 treatin' youse so far?
Pretty damn well here in ol' Massachusetts!

Cants' complain a bit, my friends.

Seems like Mother Nature is on a "Vaca" or somethin'.
Weather has been pretty consistent.
Blue skies.
Steady 80's.
Just bea-u-ti-ful bright days & calm breezy nights, pallies.

And even this damn virus seems to be on a downward trend, the moment, anyway.

Amen to that & Fingers crossed!

So as we wind down this cool cool month long celebration of "The Day That Coolness Came to Earth"...I just gots to thinkin' 'bout what this particular season has in store for us.

Sure, we'll have plenty of hot & humid days.
Some beachin' & poolin'...thins' like that...hopefully.

But, like us all...I wonder if Corona will be controllable someday soon...or will it kick in worse?!

Will the protestors & the politicians ever see eye to eye...or will we always be at each other's throats?!

Our world seems to be spinnin' the wrong way, mi amici!
It's 'nough to drive us all mad!

I guess we got plenty to dwell on as we're chillin' out at home.

But what else, pals?
Everyones goin' stir crazy!
What can we all do all Summer long??!!

Knowin' myself...not too much!

I'm more of a chill out kinda fella, anyway.

Probably the way our bestest pal, Dino was.

We all read how he was mostest happy just relaxin' on a golf course or watchin' a western at home.

Yup, that was Dean...& that is me.
I know...I know...I'm always lookin' for any & every little similarity 'tween Dino & myself.
But, hey!
Why not?!
Who better to compare to & model after?
Am I right, pallies?


And guess what else?

When I'm chillin' & doin' ab so lute ly nothin'...I'm actually...usually...thinkin' 'bout my past.
Yea, that's me too.
Forever melancholy.

Well, pals...just so happens...that as i'm ponderin' those days & Summers gone by...Dean seems to be in just 'bout every thought.

The background music to my life.

The people I've known.
The places I've gone.

They all seem to somehow have Dino attached.

What can I say, my friends? He's my inspiration.
A connectin' energy that links it ALL together.

Today's Serenade..."I Love You, For Sentimental Reasons" one of those Dino-jams that goes through my thoughts all the time.

Perfect background to my memories of perfect Summers.

Let's check it out & see where it brings youse, mi amici.
Maybe back to last year.
Maybe takes you on a new journey forward!
Now THAT'S a great thought!

Either way, pallies...It's GREAT havin' Dino walkin' along with you!
Guidin' us through it all!



dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, we totally totally thrills to read your absolute adulation of our most beloved Dino and your deepest of deep desire to be more and more like him: "Yup, that was Dean...& that is me. I know...I know...I'm always lookin' for any & every little similarity 'tween Dino & myself. Haha! But, hey! Why not?! Who better to compare to & model after?
Am I right, pallies?"

In our Dino-book you are absolutely awesomely right on the Dino-mark dude! You are of the greatest Dino-encouragement to all us Dino-philes whose only desire is to become more and more like our main man." Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our role model extraordinaire...our King of Cool!

BlueisCoool said...

Summer is in full swing with the heat and humidity in full effect. Other than that things are great as long as you don't look at the news. lol It is hard to believe that the fourth of July is almost upon us. I know because I can already hear the fireworks going off here.

A wonderful up beat song you posted this week Danny G., the perfect compliment to the week. This little number is bound to get your feet moving! Thank you my friend.

Have a great week.