Sunday, June 21, 2020

Danny G's SPECIAL Father's Day Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me"

Man o man, what a day, pallies.
So So peaceful.

Let me welcome youse to Summer 2020...with a GIANT Happy Father's Day, to ALL the Dino-diggin' Dads out there!

A title not to be taken lightly, mi amici!

Can be hard work at times!

Hey,'s a big responsibility for sure, that I truly cherish & consider my biggest blessin' from above.

Man...I simply LOVES the fact that Fathers Day falls right smack in the middle of these few swingin' weeks, which we have come to know as "The Day Coolness Came to Earth", month!

How TOTALLY cool & appropriate is that, pals?!

Dino is like a "Father" figure to us all, in a way, my friends.

He's someone to help guide us through this CRAZY life of ours!
Someone we can always turn to when we need a little "pick-me-up".
Our rock that is ALWAYS there...through the good times...& the not so great ones, too.

Now THAT sounds like a "Dad" to me, pallies!

So, ol' friends o' I does every year...on this special day...I'm gonna play a Dino-tune that reminds me of my pop!
The man who was ALWAYS there for me & NEVER faulted me for my many foolish mistakes.
And there were plenty,

A guy who always...ALWAYS had a matter what troubles he may of had.
Just a Cool Cool guy who made me feel at ease all throughout my life.
Nothin' could trouble me when Dad was 'round! 

Funny how someone can give you that TOTAL comfort, huh pals?
Yup...that was Dad.
My first introducer of Dino!
Showed me what magic this fella, Dean Martin, possessed!

Dean, like my father, gives that TOTAL comfort to us now.
A feelin' that nothin' is that bad.
No problem is too big that a drink & a song can't help.

That's the kinda vibe we can get from Dino!

So, mi amici...Happy Father's Day.

Enjoy the Serenade..."Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me".
And 'member those special guys today.
They did/do a lot!

This one's for you, Pop!


BlueisCoool said...

Boy is this year flying by, Fathers Day has arrived and it is a beautiful day. What a wonderful day to celebrate one of the most important people in anyones life, dear ole dad. A wonderful selection for this holiday Danny G., it is a wonderful touch on a wonderful day!

Have a great week.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, thanks so much for this sweet salute to your Daddy-o and to our Dino-daddy-o! So so cool that your daddy-o was the one to introduce you to our Dino-daddy-o!
We're certain you are doin' your part to extend that Dino-adulation to your boy and girl pallies as well! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!