Friday, October 25, 2019

"Dino amazes me. That book is 20 years old now. It's sold every day for 20 years."

Hey pallies, likes as we were reflectively  ruminatin' on the marvelous many and vastly varied Dino-grams accentin' now deceased Mr. Nick Tosches and his brilliant bio of our Dino, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams" and profoundly ponderin' which of 'em we want to share with all youse Dino-philes one more time to deeply demonstrate all that Tosches has done for shinin' the brightest of bright light on our Dino's life, times, and teachin's, we remembered some Dino-devotion from September 18, 2013 that was first shared HERE.

Today we repost it below....a bit of Q&A between Esquire mag scriber Mr. Scott Raab and Mr. Nick Tosches awesomely accentin' the supreme success of "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Living.  Likes it brought us the deepest of deep Dino-happiness when we shared it back in '13 and truth be told pallies, it brings us ever more Dino-happiness this very Dino-day.  Drink deeply Dino-holics!

We Remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Hey pallies, likes doin' some more Dino-searchin' on the ol' web, likes ilovedinomartin was thrilled to come 'cross a December 2012 interview that Esquire mag did with brillant biographer Nick Tosches, the scriber of the magnificent  masterpiece of our most beloved Dino, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dream."  The interview was prosed by Esquire writer extraordinare Mr. Scott Raab,  who met up with Mr. Tosches "in the early afternoon at Circa Tabac, a smoking lounge in downtown Manhattan."

Mr. Raab chatted with Tosches 'bout an assortment of interestin' topics on his life and times and writing, but likes near the end of the interview, Scott 'fesses up that "Of all the books you've written, Dino, your biography of Dean Martin, is the one I keep rereading."  Now how wonderously wonderful is that dudes?!?!?!?!  To know that Raab keeps returnin' time and time 'gain to soak in the Dino-tale is likes just so so awesome....obviously Scott can't ever get 'nough of the life, times, and teachin's of our King of Cool.

And, likes if that ain't 'nough Dino-glory to share, Nick's response to Raab faithfulness to his Dino-tome is that, " Dino amazes me. That book is 20 years old now. It's sold every day for 20 years."  Now likes how how wow-full is that Dino-truth dudes?!?!?!  Indeed, in 2012, "DINO: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams" celebrated it's twentieth year of publication and to know that copies keeps on sellin' Dino-day after Dino-day is just so so thrillin'.  Likes what a wonderful sign that devotion to our Dino simply keeps increasin' each and every Dino-day as new generations wanna soak in the wonder of our Dino.

ilovedinomartin salutes the pallies at Esquire mag for doin' this recent interview with Mr. Nick Tosches, and 'specially for the excellent interview that Mr. Scott Raab scribed.  And thanks 'specially Mr. Raab for those closin' words of Dino-promise!  To know that you, likes so so many Dino-holics all over the globe keeps returnin' to the pages of Tosches' tome on Dino is likes so so awesome....and to hear from Tosches himself, that his brilliant bio keeps sellin' copies day after day, just brings such happiness to those of us who know, love, and honor our Dino.

To checks out the interview in it's entirety, as usual, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-report.  Dino-psyched, DMP

Nick Tosches: The ESQ&A

SR: Of all the books you've written, Dino, your biography of Dean Martin, is the one I keep rereading.

NT: Dino amazes me. That book is 20 years old now. It's sold every day for 20 years.

SR: It doesn't surprise me.

NT: It surprised me it was Dino. I like The Devil and Sonny Liston better, but part of me actually thinks fewer people read it because it's about a black guy.


Danny G. said...

Hey pal, what can we say? Nick's AWESOME writins' 'bout Dino was & IS a TRUE masterpiece! Anyone...ANYONE...who wants to get to know who Dean Martin was...NEEDS to get this book. It's the closest thin' any of us will ever get to knowin' the man. At least those are my thoughts...that Nick's interpretations of Dino are accurate. And as youse says...people STILL wanna know more & more 'bout him. Generation after generation.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Dino-philes can't ever ever get 'nough of growin' in the Dino-way...the life, the times, and the teachin' of our Dino and Mr. Nick Tosches has given us the Dino-ref that will forever be our Dino-guide that will ever and ever lead us deeper and deeper into lovin' our most most most beloved DINO! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!