Sunday, October 20, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "We Open In Venice"

Hey pals!
Whataya' say?!

Welcome back, one & all!

Man...this kooky spooky month is sure FLYIN' by!

I swear to youse...the older I get...the faster time moves!
Am I nuts?!
Yea...probably, pallies.

Oh well...seems that way to me.

Now, mi amici...since thins' is SO quickly movin'...I'm thinkin' that's I is gonna get one of those "quick quick" kinds jams playin' today.

Youse keep the blood pumpin'. 

A real upbeat tempo sorta groove for the week!

After all, pals...last week's tune was so so calmin' & soothin'...I gotta wake youse back up!
I don't wants my Dino-lovin' posse fallin' 'sleep on me!

OK need for hysterics here, pals.
I'll go easy.
Nothin' crazy.

Just tryin' to have a little fun here, folks.

Now todays Dino-jam actually was inspired by a COOL COOL show I caught last night.

It's called "The Rat Pack Undead"!

Man o man, pallies...was it FUN!

Dino, Frank & Sam, in full zombie make-up!

All the lyrics were altered to fit the occasion!
"Ain't That a PICK in the Head"..."Come DIE with Me"..."What Kind of GHOUL Am I?"...Haha...youse gets the picture, pals.

Anyways, it was a GREAT time & I HIGHLY rec-o-mends youse Googlin' the show to see if they is comin' to your locale.

So, mi amici...this week's Serenade simply HAS to include the WHOLE Pack!
Yup...Frank & the Sam man jump in on this one...& REALLY makes it swing!

"We Open in Venice" will DEFINATELY stick in your head all day, my friends.

It's catchy chorus really pulls youse in!

Youse can hear the good good time in their voices.
Always laughin' & foolin'! 

Man o man...did they know how to have fun!


Oh well, palsies...I can dream, can't I?



BlueisCoool said...

Another week has come and gone and we have a great upbeat song to start out the week with. A great selection Danny G., this song will certainly get your feet moving. And we need all the help we can get. There is no time to waste because you know what is fast approaching and it's time to get to the store and stock up. :-)

Have a great week.


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, great great croon from the marvelous musical "Kiss Me Kate," I believe based on Shakespeare's "The Taming Of The Shrew." If I remember correctly our Dino and his pallies recorded a number of musical al-b-ums based on Broadway shows. Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only DINO!

Danny G. said...

Glad youse palsies o mine dug the Dino-&-the-boys-jam! Lotta fun! Tryin' to share some pics from the Rat Pack Undead show. Not havin' any luck yet...but still tryin'! Stay tuned!