Sunday, October 27, 2019

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "All In A Night's Work"




Scare youse?

Yes...that's my best werewolf, pals.

Just settin' the stage, mi Dino-ween diggin' amici.

Only a few nights to go.
Are youse ready?
Did youse pick out the PERFECTO costume?
Did youse grab 'nough candycorn?
Did youse stock up on plenty of olives for your late night martinis with Count Dino?!

As youse can see, my friends...I REALLY gets into this whole KOOKY SPOOKY vibe!

Well, man o's just SO SO much fun!

Don't even mind sittin' home...watchin' some scary flicks...drink in hand, of course...handin' out yummy treats, to all the little witches & goblins!

Now, pallies o mine...what I dig the most...what really sends a chill down my settin' all the lights down low...& just spinnin' some old & creepy type Dino-jams.

Yes, pals! Youse can find them!

It's all 'bout how youse interpret the lyrics!

I can just picture Count Dino roamin' the halls of his castle...tryin' to decide which tuxedo & cape to wear to tomorrow's Monster Ball...jammin' to "Blue Moon".

Or maybe, Dr. Frankenstein, workin' feverishly in his laboratory..."In the Misty Moonlight" softly playin' in the background ...creatin' the perfect cool cool swingin' fella!
Pieces of this of 'nother!
'Til finally...It's ALIIIIIVE!!!

Follow me, pals?

All youse need now, is the perfecto jam to set the soundtrack to your own Dino-ween type scene...& man o man...gets ready for some seriously creepy cool frights!

OK...Try this one, my spooktified friends.

A full moon slowly rises in the Autumn night sky...a young couple strollin' down a wooded path...Crack! What's that noise?!
They start to walk faster!
GRRRRRRRR... O my God! What is that?!
Now they is runnin'!
Somethins' right behind them!
Dear God, what is it?!!! (Insert woman's scream here)Aaaaaaaaa!!!!

Did I scare youse that time, pallies?!

Sounds like the kinda stuff that's "All in a Night's Work" for a cool cool swingin' singin' werewolf, to me, pals!

Hey, mi the Serenade says... "When a girl & fella get underneath that moon...It's not a long shot, somethin' is happenin' soon"!

Maybe "somethin" HORRORIFYIN'!

Enjoy, my friends & ALWAYS 'member... BEWARE THE MOON!
(Insert evil laugh here) Aaahahahahahaha!!!


Always On Watch said...

Great Dino oldie! We don't hear this one very often. Thanks, Danny G!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, your Dino-creativity just gets cooler 'n cooler all the Dino-time, and we thinks 'specially so 'round Dino-ween. Your deeper 'n deeper Dino-devotion is coolly crystal clear with each and every weekly Dino-serenade!!!!! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our one, our only mighty magnificant marvelous DINO! Happy Dino-ween!

BlueisCoool said...

What a great sounding tune this week Danny G., this up beat tune will set up the rest of the week perfectly. It's hard to believe that Halloween is almost upon us, with a great write up from you I think it put everyone into the trick or treat mood! Great work as always my friend.

Have a nice week.


Danny G. said...

Your very welcome Ms. AOW! Glad youse dug as much as I.
I DEF I NATE LY LOVE this time of year, pals! Dino + Halloween = Cool cool creepy fun times! Haha!! See youse in November!