Sunday, December 02, 2018

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Baby it's Cold Outside"

Hey pals!


Welcome one & all!

 It's here, my friends!

 It's officially Dino-Winter month 2018!!!

Man o man...I'm just SO SO 'cited to kick this WONDEROUS time of year...into Dino-gear!

 It's time to celebrate!
 Time to spread cheer!
 Time to reflect!

 Time to crank up the Christmassy/Wintery Dino-tunes!!!

Now, pals...have I gots a SPECIAL treat for youse!

These last couple weeks I've been postin' commercials that feature our coolest pal, Dino, croonin' some signature jams.

Well...guess what, pals?!?!

This week...not one...BUT TWO more comms have popped up!!!

That makes 4 as of right now!

All in the same month, pallies!!!

 This HAS to be a first!

 I don't thinks ANY other performer has EVER achieved tis MEGA-COOL honor!

Are we lookin' at a possible world record here, mi amici?!
Hey, maybe, pals!

Well, what can we say...that's our guy!

So, ol' pals o mine...before I get into this week's Cool Cool Serenade...checks out the newest Dino-comms...fresh off the presses for the 2018 holiday season!

 And speakin' of the first Serenade of our Dino-Winter's time to set the mood & set the record straight.

 Now palsies...youse ALL know that I never...NEVER...gets political or force my beliefs or humble opinion, in any way.

BUT...friends o mine..I can't NOT say somethin' 'bout this.

 Let me ask youse a question?
What's goin' on with our GREAT GREAT country?!
Where has the innocence gone?!

 I gots a VERY disturbin' "Google alert" yesterday, and man o man...I almost flipped my Dino-diggin' wig!

Seems some radio station was BANNIN' our pal's...& I believe, ALL, versions of "Baby It's Cold Outside"...due to it bein' the wrong kinda message 'bout a man refusin' to let a woman leave his house.
Or somethin' on those grounds.

 PEOPLE...This is goin' TOO far!

When did it become a crime for a fella wantin' his lady friend to stay a bit longer?!

The whole fun & flirty message is bein' twisted into some seriously bad vibe!

 Well, my long as I has anythin' to do with it...that jam will ALWAYS be welcome here, at our HAPPY & FUN little blog!

 I'm glad Dino ain't here to here this one, pals.
 It would hurt him for sure.

So...with that bein' said...this week's Serenade, "BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE"...should be played EXTRA loud!
 For our pal.

 It's lookin' like it's gonna be the best season yet!

All thins Dino!
 Now THAT'S my kinda celebration!

OK, my friends...let's do this!

Get ready to par-tay!

 Enjoy the comms!

Dig the jam!

Soak it ALL in, mi amici!


BlueisCoool said...

What a great find and collection for Dino winter month Danny G. It seems you have gotten things off to a great start for the month of December and I looks forward to what other goodies mite be coming out way! Thank you for your hard work my friend!

Have a great week.


Always On Watch said...

Fie on all those who see this tune as something nasty and ugly! (recent news stories)

When Dino croons seductively, what woman in her right mind could reject him?

Always On Watch said...

PS: I was referring to "Baby, It's Cold Outside," of course.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Danny-o, woo hoo dude! Thanks very mucho man for more Dino-mmercials...ain't sure how you are locatin' 'em, but keeps bringin' 'em on..each and everyone of them is greatly guaranteed to bring more and more pallies into the Dino-fold...gettin' welcomed into our Dino's wonderful word of happiness! Keeps spreadin' Dino-love pallie!