Friday, June 16, 2017

Ed's Epistle - Special Edition Day 2 Part 2: Dino's Birth Home at 319 South 6th

View from the front of Dino's home looking across the street.

Possibly never before documented or photographed,
these are the railroad tracks direclty behind Dino's childhood home...

What may be foundation rubble direclty behind Dino's childhood home.

Front curb of Dino's childhood home..

Close up of curb directly in front if Dino's childhood home.


Danny G. said...

Cool stuff, Ed! Never before seen Dino-thingys! Haha!! We want more! We want more!!

Always On Watch said...

So glad that you photographed these foundation ruins!

I saw them when Mr. AOW and I last visited Steubenville, but didn't photograph them. I'm not sure why.

Looking forward to your next report, Ed.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Eddie-o...the possible foundations on which the legacy of our King of Cool began. It's is incredibly imperative that all us Dino-holics make every effort to pilgrimage to the ground when our Dino was walk the path that our Dino walked, to breath the air that our Dino breathed. For now, tons of us will do so vicariously through the eye of your powerful photographs. Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino and keeps sharin' your personal pilgrimage to where the Dino-story all began!

Unknown said...

We have more coming Danny!!

Awesome you to like em!

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoy them!

I tried to think about pics for those who cant make it.

I hope I capture the feeling and sites for everyone. Its sad, but Stu'ville is deteriorating at an unbelievable pace..

More pics and stories to come!

Unknown said...

Amen Mr. DMP!
Glad I can extend the Dino-pilgrimage to the blog!

More to come!