Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Ed's Epistle: HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY DINO!!!


Superlatives were invented as a necessity to describe Dean Martin. 100 years pallies. Today marks the day, 100 earthly revolutions ago, Dino Crocetti born to share the air we breathe.
As I prepare for the journey to Steubenville, birthplace home of our Dino, for the 100 years’ celebration of the most celebrated man of cool, I reflect to what this has become to mean. A century of Dino-wisdom. Songs, style, amore, coolness, you name it pallie. Nothing can describe the feeling of the Dean’s voice in the air, the warm sultry vino clingin’ to the glass.
How I love to hear the organ… In the chapel in the moonlight….  Pallies, if that don’t grab ya, nothin’s grabbing ya! Till the roses turn to ashes. As they sing “Oh Promise Me” me.
“Oh Promise Me”, is a real song pallie.  You gottsta know o’le Dino knew that tune. Jan Peerce classic, 1947, but I digress.
The moonlight has turned to dusk, and I loves me some choir. Forever be mine, we are one with Dino. June 7, 1917, near midnight, the quietest time of the night. Ole Dino makes an entrance rivaling the start of the coolest season ever to be born. The moonbeams, the starlight’s, and all the universe pause for the start of the Dino-era.

Happy Birthday, Dino!! We all thank you for good times you have brought into our lives!


Always On Watch said...

Happy Birthday, Dino!

You live forever in our hearts.

There will never be another King of Cool. Never!

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes thanks Eddie-o for your cool contribution to this Dino-day of Dino-days! Keeps lovin' 'n sharin' our most beloved Dino!

Danny G. said...

Ed, my pal...youse put my feelins' to words! SO SO cool, man! Thank you for sharin' this, mi amico!