Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dean Martin comes to London! (1983)

Johan Nilsson
Hey pallies, likes on this sixteenth day of Dino-amore month we takes you to London for some very fantastic filmed moments showin' the deepest of deep devotion that the Brits have for our most beloved Dino.

In the year of our Dino 1983, our main man, after decades of bein' absent from makin' the scene in England, consented to do a series of concerts at the  Apollo Victoria Theater.  In addition to doin' the concerts our Dino was hugely homaged by receivin' the  Lifetime Achievement Award from the Variety Club of Great Britain at a beau-ti-ful bash that also celebrated his 66th birthday.

The Dino-celebration and live concert were filmed by Showtime and the vid clip below shared by Mr. Johan Nilsson, contains marvelous moments from the Variety Club's touchin' and tender tribute as well as a few minutes of our Dino's marvelous monologue from the concert.  After years of waitin' with bated breath,  the  DVD featuring 60 minutes of live footage from our Dino's  show at London's Apollo Victoria theatre show in 1983 is now available as disc four on the Dino-collection tagged "Dean Martin Collected Cool."

In addition to the highlights of the Dino-party and Dino-concert, the first moments of the vid includes portions of an 1977 interview with Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. conducted by Mr. Bruce Forsyth inqurin' of Sammy why our Dino had not returned to British soil.  To go directly to our Dino click on the vid 'bout 2:50.

We are likes totally totally pumped to be likes sharin' these magical moments of absolutely awesome amore of our Dino in this swankly special month of Dino-amore.  We thanks Mr. Johan Nilsson for puttin' this vid of our Dino's journey to London in '83 for Dino-holics everywhere to deeply deeply dig.   Dino-sharin', DMP

It seemed for a long time that Dean Martin would never come back to England. But just when you thought Dean wouldn't show up then finally in 1983 there he was! He not only did a concert at the Apollo Victoria Theater, but he also celebrated his 66th birthday and received a lifetime achievement award from the Variety Club of Great Britain.


BlueisCoool said...

This is an amazing moment in Deans career, he has come back out and hit a grand slam once again. It must have been so exciting for all the people that were lucky enough to see him in concert and i am sure he loved every single moment as well. Thank you DMP once again for a great posting!


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Scotty, this indeed was a "high" light of our most beloved Dino's coolest of cool career. Thanks ever ever so so much for all your potent patterin'.....what our old world needs is more pallies likes you man! Keeps lovin' and sharin' our one and only Dino!