Friday, February 07, 2014

Johnny Edwards as Dean Martin

Johnny Edwards as Dean Martin!

Hey pallies, likes here's a little bonus for all youse Dino-holics as we end our first big week of amorin' our Dino durin' Dino-amore-month 2014.  Likes, I went on the ol' web to see if I coulda find a home pad for Mr. Johnny Edwards. It may exist pallies, but our present search turned up nadda.  However the good ol' net did point us in the direction of some youtube clips of Johnny doin' his Dino-impersonation.

Johnny youtube tag is "yourpallie" and below is the bestest of the best clip of Edwards makin' likes  our great great man.  In this almost five minute clip youse gets get hear Johnny croonin' parts of a ton of our Dino's biggest biggest hits.  Gotta 'fess up pallies that likes at some points this dude actually sounds like our King of Cool himself....he's that fantastic....and likes dudes, it has so so many of our most beloved Dino's moves down to a a T pallies!!!!!!

It is so so clear that Mr. Johnny Edwards is not just makin' likes our Dino for the bread....he is absolutely doin' from the bottom of his Dino-devoted heart dudes....and likes how wondrous is that o'pallies of ours?!?!?!

ilovedinomartin salutes Mr. Johnny Edwards and expresses our deepest of deep Dino-appreciato for givin' his life to the cause of liftin' up the life, times, and teachin's of our amored Dino!  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP


Always On Watch said...

When Mr. AOW visited Steubenville for the Dean Martin Festival, we saw several who imitated our Dino. The best impressionist we saw was Tom Stevens. But this fellow Johnny Edwards is nearly as good -- at least when it comes to the sound of our Dino's velvet voice. Tom Stevens could look and sound like our Dino. A sample of Mr. Stevens's work is HERE.

Mr. Stevens's wife attends all his performances -- so as to keep an eye on all the women who flock to him when he's portraying our Dino. Dino was a chick magnet!

Always On Watch said...

Hey! Tom Stevens in returning for the 2014 Dean Martin Festival in Steubenville! See THIS. Now that Mr. AOW and I have a handicapped van, maybe we can go.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Miss AOW, you have hit the nail on the Dino-head with "Dino was a chick magnet!" Only we would say that our Dino IS STILL THE chick magnet. Keeps lovin' our most beloved Dino!