JohnSuit2headshotAbout Us—The Last Refuge of the Real Man
My name is John Alanis, and for the past decade or so, I’ve run an unusual little business, teaching men how to attract women.  During that time, I’ve interacted with a lot of my customers, hearing how they raised themselves from success to failure in their relationships with women.  What is most striking to me are the patterns I’ve noticed, both when it comes to failure, and when it comes to success with women.
I’ve also heard from a lot of women about their experiences with men, and when you overlay those experiences with the stories I’ve heard from men, attraction passes from magic to science.  It is an eminently learnable skill, not only when it comes to initial attraction, but also when it comes to sustaining attraction.
Learning a skill, of course, requires work, it requires study, and it requires going out into the real world and failing until you get it right.  Succeeding with women cannot be reduced to a few lines you repeat in a bar, nor can it be reduced to putting a ring on a finger and living happily ever after.  But, if you put forth the effort to learn the skill, the rewards are tremendous…and when you master it, you discover something unusual:  you become what women call a “real man.”
Awhile back I saw an infomercial for the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, and I immediately bought those DVD’s.  Dean’s show (and career) was all about real men and real women having a great time, bereft of political correctness, thin skinned whiners, and people who live to be offended.  As soon I saw that, I was inspired to create this blog—think of it as a “variety show” on the web.
I am certainly no Dean Martin (no one will ever be) and don’t pretend to be.  But I very much admire the spirit the King of Coolness brought to his shows and performances, and I want to create at least a similar spirit here.  This is a place for real men and real women to connect, to get away from the burgeoning nanny state and purveyors of political correctness and sissiness.  It’s a place for a good time to be had by all.
Also, amidst all the fun, this “show” is also educational, about mastering the various skills sets to earn the title of “real man,” not from the guys around you, but from the women in your life.  On this blog, you’ll find my daily column, incisive commentary about what really works in attraction, as well as tips, tricks and secrets.  You will also hear from a variety of women, writing about their experiences with men, stories far more useful than you’ll hear from some goofus repeating what he heard from a pickup artist.
I am a big believer in fitness (sorry, women don’t like fat dudes), so I have several guest experts who will contribute real world fitness advice on a regular basis, things they have actually done themselves, tips you will find both useful and usable.
And the lifestyle section?  Well, I’m a whisky man.  I collect the stuff, so I’ll be posting some of my reviews and recommendations, as well as my cigar recommendations, great restaurants I’ve been to, cool movies I’ve seen, etc.  Attraction isn’t just about meeting and bedding women, it’s about enjoying great experiences with great women, and in the lifestyle section I share some of mine.
No site about attraction would be complete without breaking news, in this case articles about men who’ve done stupid things with women.  As you might imagine, there is a never ending supply of them, and I’ll post new ones as I see them (feel free to send us any you find).  Who knows, perhaps Anthony Weiner will try for a third time to run for office, once again providing hilarity and abominable nicknames like Carlos Danger (can you believe Sydney Leathers is actually a real name).
I highly encourage commenting on various posts and articles, as well as sharing any articles relevant to attraction you may find.  I want this site to become the last refuge of the real man, a politically incorrect, tell-it-like-it-is site for men AND women who are sick and tired of the pansy-wagons in the media. It’s fun, it’s raucous, it’s educational, and I insist a good time be had by all.  Tune in every day, and enjoy!
-John Alanis
The King of Let ‘em Come to You