Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eds Epistle Jerry Lewis Interview

Me: “Hello Mr. Lewis”
Jerry Lewis: “Hello young man”
Me: “Mr. Lewis, I have a two part question. First, have you considered making an autobiographical movie, and second who would you like to see playing you and Dean?”
Jerry Lewis: "Well I couldn’t get Robert Redford….but no, I’ve accomplished everything I want to do a haven’t considered making any more movies."
Me: “Who would you like to see playing Dean?”
Jerry Lewis: “SIT DOWN!”

My brief 45 second “one-on-one” interview with Jerry Lewis, the elements of tragedy, and comedy. We saw both sides of the clown face of Jerry we’re all accustomed to.
Joking with me about the microphone being too low, and then after speaking louder he asked “why are you yelling?!? At 87 Jerry is still full of piss and vinegar, and very much on his comic game. He holds no bars, and nothing is out of bounds. Sexist jokes, race jokes, religious, you name it he had one for everyone.

Jerry Lewis was in Central Florida this January and I had the privilege of having 2nd row seats to see the 5th most recognized man in the world. I know he’s the 5th most
recognizable person in the world because he told us!
Mr. Lewis a very proud man a never ashamed of telling it like he sees it and never forgetting to remind us of all the wonderful things he’s done over the decades in the business.
I was there to witness the monkey half of Martin and Lewis, primarily to grasp on whatever is left of historic ‘lightning in the bottle” rise to fame of our great Dino.

We can have our doubts, our opinions of Mr. Lewis, however you can’t take away the great honor in which he continues to keep that torch that that “lightning has lit some 50+ years ago.
He tells the story of how Dino loved his Italian pasta, being able to smell him coming down the hallway with the smell of garlic. It was wonderful to hear him talk of Dino, especially since a the small tidbits I’ve never heard before. The only living person outside of Jeanne is Jerry, and he still possess Dino gold with respect to stories and such.
Jerry also told stories of other comics and Hollywood legends, and performed his famous typewriter bit set to music he originally did in the movie “Who’s Minding The Store” in 1963.

On a side note, Jerry did divulge a bombshell of Jerry Lewis movie trivia. He admitted that the reason the “Day the Clown Died” was never released was because it wasn’t happy how the movie turned out.

Outside of some technical video glitches the night was wonderful. The crowd obviously has a long standing love affair with Jerry.  Who knows how long the great Jerry Lewis will be roaming this earth along side us. I hope he makes to 100. I also hope to perhaps one day see him again perform. Its great to see him continue the great job of keeping our Dino spirit alive and well.

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dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes Ed, thanks so so much for this wondrously wonderful review of your in the flesh encounter with our most beloved Dino most beloved partner....likes loves Jerry's comment to your Dino-quire! Keeps lovin', keeps proclaimin' our most beloved Dino!