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.....and spending hours in front of the television watching his idol, Dean Martin.

 Hey pallies, likes  durin' our celebration of Dino-amore-month, we oughta shares with all youse Dino-holics at least one pallie who is into least one dude who is devotin' their life's work to keepin' the Dino-light glowin' Dino-bright as they perform their heart out in amore of our most beloved Dino.

So, likes today, on the seventh day of Dino-amore-month, through the magic of google Dino-lerts we take you to the down under news blog, "Mandurah Mail," where we shares with the scribin's of reporter Miss Amy Martin, who in her post, "Vegas talent heads to Mandurah," shares the huge homagin' of our Dino by Mr. Johnny Edwards.

As you will read below, Johnny has spent his professional life portrayin' a wide range of "music icons," but truly truly Edwards main man has been, is, and will always always be our Dino!  He has shared his Dino-devotion in our Dino's playground, ''Vegas, as well as all 'round the world.  And, on February 26 he brings his Dino-impersonation to all the pallies gathered at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.  He will share the stage with fellow performers Nicholas Brookes and David De Costa, who will portray our Dino's pallies Frank and Sammy.

Johnny has been hooked on our Dino from a tender age confessin' that he spent "hours in front of the television watching his idol, Dean Martin."  Edward further professes his deep, pure, and true devotion to our Dino with these wondrous words......"“I was such a fan when I was a kid,”.....“I was captivated by him – his personality, good looks and he was funny."....“All I wanted to do was act like him as a kid.”

Likes how totally awesome is that dudes.  ilovedinomartin is simply simply thrilled to share this report of Mr. Johnny Edwards' amazin' amore of our King of Cool with you.  And, we thanks Miss Amy Martin and the pallies at "Mandurah Mail" for gettin' this in print.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-message.   Dino-awed and awed, DMP

Vegas talent heads to Mandurah

 GROWING up, Johnny Edwards spent his days learning impressions, practicing comedy and spending hours in front of the television watching his idol, Dean Martin.

He was the unofficial class clown who would imitate teachers, perfecting different mannerisms down to a ‘t’.

More than four decades on and those important life lessons are coming in handy as Edwards takes on the persona of his childhood hero.

“I was such a fan when I was a kid,” Edwards said.

“I was captivated by him – his personality, good looks and he was funny.

“All I wanted to do was act like him as a kid.”

Then came Edwards’ time in Las Vegas, spending time on stage in various other people’s shoes.

Although Johnny had other idols in his life such as music icons Elvis Presley, and Roy Orbison who he would later portray in varies stage shows around the world, it was Dean Martin that combined all the aspects of what was important in entertainment and made it one. 

“He was such a likeable character,” Edwards said.

“People treated him like their best friend; they were drawn to him.

“And when I dressed like I am, with the tux and the hair, people think I am him.

“This is the character I am more like personally.”

Edwards said while Martin was the King of Cool in the limelight, his personal life was different story.

Much like the impersonator, Martin was family orientated and liked relaxing with a game of golf.

“But he was known for his womanising ways, so that’s how I’ll play him,” Edwards said.

Although it’s not just Martin’s singing which Edwards takes into his performance.

He takes into consideration the looks, mannerisms and all round performance.

“He had a great sense of timing,” Edwards said.

“He could tell the worse joke and it would funny.

“A lot of it was ad-lib; he would shoot from the hip.

“So that’s what I’ll be doing; telling Dean-esk stories.”

Joining Edwards on stage is David De Costa and Nicholas Brooks, known better for their alter egos, Frank Sinatra and Sammy David Junior.

Together the trio recreate The Rat Pack. 

“We’ll recreate Vegas from the 1960’s,” Edwards said.

“It’s a formula which brings audience interaction.

“We encourage them to yell out, sing along, because it makes it bigger.

“And with Nicholas Brookes and David De Costa, people aren’t going to be disappointed.

“They put their heart into and bring their voice to the table to remember the original.”

The Rat Pack from Vegas will be at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on February 26.

For more information go to or call 9550 3900.

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