Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Ed's Epistle.....Remembering Dino This Christmas"

Hey pallies, likes I gots the bestest of best news to share with all youse Dino-philes on this day after Dino-winter-day.  Likes first, we here at ilovedinomartin hopes that each and everyone of you Dino-holics have a
very very special day of Dino-remembrance yesterday, a day full of the happiness that only  Dino brings.

And, now to share the swankest of swank Dino-news.   Our Brother in Dino, Ed, of Ed's Epistle' fame is goin' to return to spreadin' his most powerful prose on the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino here at fact, he has what I can tell you is one of his best Dino-efforts yet, just waitin' in the wings to be spread on the pages of our humble little Dino-blog.

In honor of this most wondrously wonderful Dino-news, we would like to share with all youse followers of our Dino a post that Ed first scribed for Dino-winter-day 2009.  In his profoundly personal way, as only Ed can do it, he shares with us how deeply the passin' of our Dino effected him, and how only a few months later, the man who introduced him to our King of Cool, his wonderful Dino-devoted father, also followed Dino beyond the grave.

It is with the greatest of great pleasure that we again share, "Ed's Epistle.....Remembering Dino This Christmas".......some of our Ed's most Dino-hearted sentiments ever.  Thanks Brother Ed for helpin' to bring so so much Dino-light to our Dino-paths!   Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Christmas is time of mixed emotions. Early childhood memories are filled with trees, lights, and gifts. Dino on the turntable and family in house. These are the days were the basis of all future life moments are compared. 

Things evolve as one ages. Times of receiving are replaced with times of giving. Times of being with family are replaced with times of remembering family. We settle for good health rather than good gifts. Memories and present family we rely on to get through present day ills and worries. 

Family and friends who in the past filtered out the bad and rang in the good are no longer with some of us. Time for reflection and hopes for the future will fill my holidays.

Dino slipped away from us on a Christmas morning some fourteen years ago. Exited quietly on the most tranquil morning of the year. Typical Dino to duck out when no one was looking. Not wanting the attention, the spotlight. It was Christmas morning 1995, while Dino song filled the world’s airways, and hearts with his voice, his soul left this earth. Dino going Splitsville from his own party to catch a late western, Christmas morning he left to go the big bar upstairs. He knew no one was looking, I'm sure. The Rat Pack lost it's cool. 

The world turned a page, started a new chapter.

When the image of Dean flashed on the screen, the family paused to watch. It's not good when a show is interrupted for a special announcement, on Christmas morning of all times. Worse when the image is the one you associate your childhood with. The smile happy, the voice song, the laugh fun, the face Dino.

Part of the collective American soul died that morning. Part of me left that morning. Ten months later, I personally had another loss in my life. The big guy who brought Dino into my life took an exit himself. My dad died the next September. Dino I and Dino II in my eyes, limo tailights. Rough year for this pallie. 

Fortunately, the spirit of Dino has grown bigger since his passing. Dino is as big as ever. His is now the rank of legend. Dino owns the Cool recipe. He copyrighted 'sigh'. He's untouchable. He lives in memory, on screen, and in voice. Frank may have done it his way, but Dino did it our way. We get it. Christmas is tonic. Some parts happy, some sad, some hopeful, some remorseful. All mixed together makes you humble. I am fortunate for what I had, and what I have. Make someone feel that this season. Create some memories, play some Dino. Today is tomorrow memories.

To all of your family and friends, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope you're season are is filled with Dino, and your heart with happiness!



Danny G. said...

Man Ed...we must be kindred spirits! We share very much the same memories & emotions. Either way, I missed that one the first time 'round. Glad I caught it this time...thanks to our great pal, DMP. Great job once again! Can't wait for your next masterpiece!

Always On Watch said...

What a perfect tribute to our Dino! I found myself reading this twice so as to take in the nuance -- and the beauty.

You know what? I think that our Dino approves of every single word.

ed said...

Thanks for kind words, I'm happy we all have fond memories and we can share this common bond.

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie, likes our Dino is our King of Cool, our Master of Hip, our Ruler of Randy....and you pallie Ed are the Prince of Dino-prosin' Can't wait to gets more and more of your Dino-scribin's shared here at our humble little Dino-home! Keeps lovin' our most most beloved Dino!