Wednesday, September 07, 2011

DEAN MARTIN - My Kind Of Christmas

Hey pallies, likes news has reach ilovedinomartin from the blog pad, "blog Reaction" that a re-issue of the 2009 Dino-winter-tunes al-b-um, "My Kind Of Christmas," will be released on Tuesday, September 20 by Hip-o Records. As I understand it, this disc collection will contain the exact same musical content as the prior release, but what an even more beautiful Dino-cover then the previous one.

Likes have any of you pallies ever seen this Dino-image before, 'cause likes I can't ever remember seein' this one. Even though I have the 2009 release I just may have to gets this one as well 'cause I so so loves this stupendously stunnin'ly stellar pix of our great man.

Came to my mind that this new Dino-reissue woulda be an amazin'ly awesome way to introduce your fam and pallies to our most beloved Dino. Likes all of us that loves our Dino knows, no one, and likes I mean no one sings winter tunes likes our Dino.
So as you begin makin' our your gift list for Dino-winter-day, consider the folks in your life that you can share your Dino-devotion with by sharin' this outstandin' Dino-treasure. Dino-reportin', DMP

btw, to view this information in it's original form, just clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.

EIN: / UPC: 602527796291 / ISBN: /

Dean Martin loved the holiday season, especially Christmas. While maintaining his status as a full-time entertainer of vast renown, Martin also remained a devoted family man. And the evidence of his fondness for both aspects of his multifaceted life is found in his performance of these seasonal favorites -- so uniquely stylized, highly identifiable and definitely crooned with the smooth approach that was his own inimitable vocal style.

Collected here are 14 timeless classics full of sparkling Christmas cheer including a specially remixed version of the festive chestnut "Winter Wonderland" delivered for the season in a manner as only this handsome film star, TV icon and Grammy®-winning singing sensation could.

1. Baby, It's Cold Outside 2:20
2. Silver Bells 2:22 $0.99
3. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow 1:57
4. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 2:17
5. The Christmas Blues 2:56
6. Winter Wonderland 2:31
7. Silent Night 2:45
8. A Marshmallow World 2:40
9. I'll Be Home For Christmas 2:28
10. Jingle Bells 2:18
11. Blue Christmas 2:14
12. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 2:45
13. White Christmas 2:32
14. Peace On Earth/Silent Night

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Kylie said...

I love the cover for this cd :)
And it`s good to see they have included Peace on Earth/Silent Night