Sunday, September 25, 2011

Danny G.'s Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Small Exception Of Me"

Happy Sunday pals! This week we go back to Dean's 1972 album "Dino". The clip is from his show, also shot in 72'. When I listen to "The Small Exception of Me", I ponder my younger, more naive years. I think we've all been there. Dean let's us know that it's ok to have loved and lost. He's there for us to share our heartbreak! Ha ha!!!

Gettin' too sentimental for ya' pallies? OK, I better get back to the situation at hand...playin' this great great vid. Love how Dean shows true emotion with every word on this one. He really seems to be singin' from the heart. It's hard to imagine any lady bein' foolish enough to break the bond with our Dino...but who knows? Enjoy pallies!

Danny G.

The Small Exception Of Me Lyrics

(Tony Hatch - Jackie Trent)

Everybody knows you're leaving me for good
Everybody tells me now they knew you would
It's a well known secret I just couldn't see
And the whole world knew with a small exception of me

Everybody knows we cried our final tears
Everybody knows we wasted all these years
Long ago they said I'd have to set you free
And the whole world knew with a small exception of me

With a small exception of me the world is wise
With a small exception of me it's no surprise
So it's funny the way that I could be so blind
Funny when it's out of sight it's out of mind

Now the truth has done and it's plain, plain enough to see
That the whole world knew with a small exception of me

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LoveOldStuff said...

LOVE this so much. I've thought about how true his emotions seem here. When Dean sings these type of songs, I end up crying.