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Reminiscing with Dean Martin-Everybody Loves Somebody...Songs of Yesteryear

Hey pallies, likes today's Dino-gram is so so fittin' seein' how we are smack dab in the middle of Dino-amore month.  From the nostalgic blog, "Bird's Eye View Of The Katydid," where a kind and gentle lady named Kay Comer holds forth comes her true life reflection, "Reminiscing with Dean Martin-Everybody Loves Somebody...Songs of Yesteryear."

As you read this tender-hearted post you will discover Miss Kay's almost 50 year remembrance of the remarkable role that our Dino-s biggest croon of amore, "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime," played in her life as a teenager in the summer of '64 when our most beloved Dino knocked the Beatles off the charts with his now signature song.  You will read 'bout a young lad tagged Richard who was smitten by the youthful Kay and now as an intern at a radio station he played our Dino's hugest of huge hit every of the week at 4 p.m. in honor of his attraction to Comer.

It truly is the sweetest of sweet tale of young love, and you will have to read how it turned out.  And, in this month of Dino-amore, it is made all the more special by the role that our man of amore played in it!  ilovedinomartin thanks Miss Kay Comer for sharin' this delightful remembrance with her readership and showin' us 'gain the amazin' role that our Dino has played in the lives of ordinary people simply simply by usin' his musical gift.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.
Dino-tenderly, DMP

 Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reminiscing with Dean Martin-Everybody Loves Somebody...Songs of Yesteryear

Thanks For The Memories:  Songs of Yesteryear
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime
Dean Martin
It's the week for love and we're reminiscing with old love songs from the 'good old days'...

This song was written for Frank Sinatra way back in 1947 by Sam Coslow, Ken Lane and Irving Taylor. But the old Rat Pack Geezer just couldn't quite cut the rug with it.  Frank's version was released in 1948...but bombed big time.
Then it was recorded in the 50's by Peggy Lee and Dinah Washington...but still remained a dud.

In 1964, Dean Martin was finishing up recording his new album Dream with Dean and had just completed 11 of the songs for the album, but needed a 12th song.  Ken Lane just happened to be his pianist on that album and he suggested Dean give "Everybody Loves Somebody" a shot and see what HE could do with it.  For this particular song on the album...they added a bass player, a guitar and drums.  And the reaction to Dean's version was so great that he went back to the studio and re-recorded it for a single release with a full orchestra and background singers.
It was such a hit that it knocked "A Hard Day's Night" right out of its #1 spot on the charts.  AND it became Dean's theme song for his TV show the very next year in 1965.

One the summer of 1964...I was sitting in the front porch swing of our home on the main street in Metropolis and this tall young man pulled up in his car and walked up on the porch.  He said he was interning at WMOK for the summer and he was noticing me each day when he passed and he just thought he'd stop and get to know me and maybe we could go to a movie or something sometime.
I didn't feel I should go into the story of my mustard seed miracle I was in the process of praying up and how I was waiting on little Billy Ray Comer to notice me as HE ran back and forth up that street in his 1958 Ford retractible hardtop with the big MOON eyes in the rear window......But Richard was very nice...very polite...cute as a speckled pup and we really hit it off just right there on the porch.
Every day he'd stop on the way to the radio station and ask me out for after work...and I'd always say no I'd better not...but he'd always stop back by after work and we'd sit on the porch and just gab about the price of rice in China and how he thought we would be the perfect couple.  :-)

I don't know how this got started...or WHY this particular song...but I DID get to where I'd listen to him on WMOK after he left my house and went on to work each day...and one day at 4pm...he just said "I want to do something a little out of the ordinary today...I want to play this very special song for the sweetest little girl in Massac County...and she lives down on 5th Street" And the music started and that big roll at the beginning of this song just burst right out of Cloud 9 and right into my little bashful heart....hahahahaha   I set there in awe that someone would DO something like that FOR me...and Richard began planning out future together....hahahahaha
From that day forward....every single day without fail...all summer 4pm each day....I'd hear Richard say "I want to play this very special song for the sweetest little girl in Massac County...and she lives down on 5th Street"  :-)  EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Well....summer came to an end that summers tend to do each year and Richard had to go back to his home in Morris, Illinois.  He assured me that we were an unbeatable couple and I couldn't waste my life on a prayer and a pipe dream...but I felt certain little Billy Ray Comer was supposed to be mine forever I stood strong in my faith and my plan.

Later into the fall of that year...I got a letter from Richard and he was telling me how even though we had not been an actual 'dating couple' that summer...he just couldn't get me off of his mind....aaawwwww   :-)   And he said "If your pray goes unanswered and your plan falls through...always remember ... there are other fish in the sea"  And he signed his letter "Love Always...A Fish In The Sea"

NOW ISN'T THAT THE MOST ROMANTIC STORY?????????????????????  AND IT'S ALL MY STORY!!!!!!!   hahahahaha

Now did you all notice that I just kinda skimmed OVER 'the geezer' in this story?   How'd I Do?  :-)

I was absolutely enthralled with Richard...because he was so SO sweet and attentive and made me feel so special...but there was no real romance there at all on my end....But to this very day...every single time I hear this song...chills just run from the top of my head to the very end of my tippy toes....Thanks Richard for such a sweet and innocent memory.....

Now I have one more love song...and we'll talk about that one soon too... this other song doesn't quite give me the feeling this song does...but it was sung to me one night...on a date...just like on a romantic TV movie...And there you guys thought I was this little plain wallflower out here in the boonies that hasn't even lived....hahahahaha

Thanks For The Memories:  Songs Of yesteryear
          will be posted before the blog some, many or most mornings...hahaha
         I can't get more honest than that.

But here's the matter what I talk about in my blog each morning...By posting a daily love song from yesteryear and talking a little about it...there will always be a little love coming daily from you.

The very best love stories just have no ending
and I'm just so very blessed to be living one of those love stories.


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